7 Subtle signs your partner is cheating

signs that your partner is cheating
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It is agreed that relationships are all about trust and faith but sometimes when you see some signs or something gets weird there are bound to be suspicions about their loyalty and more confusion if you are right or wrong. 

It’s not easy to deal with suspicions of cheating because your relationship comes at a stake. A lot of questions and conflicts will be there like,  What if you are wrong? Or worse, what if you are right? Does he/she love the person they are cheating with? What if you accuse your partner of cheating and it’s not true? Will they deny it? How are you supposed to react and will things go back to normal again? 

Yes, suspicions like these and then accusing your partner of cheating will require a lot of thinking and confirming signs before you take a step. That being said, it is very important to get some evidence before you confront your partner. Here are some subtle signs that might help with the confirmation:

Change in appearances

signs your partner is cheating

It becomes quite questionable when your partner’s dressing sense and taste in certain style changes and they are open to things they may have never liked before. Redoing hair frequently, indecisiveness in what to wear, a sudden interest in shopping, and even a suspicious amount of concern for skincare and the products they may use. All this, most of the time, not every time, may signal cheating in a relationship.

Eyes on the phone, not you!

Phone or any other kind of electronic device becomes more important and frequently used than a conversation with you. Reactions or the change in the body language when they are looking at their phone, sometimes just tell you that their attention and priority is that and not you. So, if you ever see this, beware.

Find more ways to fight or create a conflict

signs your partner is cheating

This happened unconsciously to them, their attitude changes and suddenly there are criticisms thrown around frequently. Picking on the smallest of things you do and then making it into a big fight, putting the blame on you. This is one way they start distancing themselves around you especially when their expectations start changing. 

Schedule change

Suddenly their routine changes without any kind of explanation. They start going out more without involving you in the plan or filling you in about their basic whereabouts and schedule. Another way to create distance between the two of you is by excluding you from their plans and weird behavior. So, now you know something is fishy.

Your opinions are not considered

signs your partner is cheating

They start giving a cold shoulder, build a wall around themselves, and refuse to share things with you. Your efforts are ignored and at the same time so are your opinions. It turns into hearing you talk but not listening and paying attention. It goes without saying it’s a big red flag.

Their friends become weird

Things like these are caught by friends first and when this happens, their friends are in a weird position where they don’t know how to act around you and what the right thing to do is. Their behavior towards you starts changing, they start avoiding conversations with you and give you dry replies. 

Your gut tells you

After noticing so much and having numerous doubts, you may still try to reconsider and try to convince yourself that it is not true but it’s your gut that tells you that you are being cheated on. Always trust your instincts, they are most of the time right and can save you from hurting yourself. Instead of putting yourself through emotional turmoil, let yourself trust your gut and take appropriate action.