7 Telltale signs your ex wants you back

Signs your ex wants you back
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Your relationship with your ex might have ended for quite a while now, but who knows if your ex has or has not still moved on from you. There are a lot of chances that your ex is regretting the breakup and is still dreaming about you and is wondering if you both can get back together or not.

So, if you get the vibes that your ex might be trying to make things better with you once again, you might be right. Here are some signs that your ex wants you back:

1. They are trying to reach out

Do you see your ex trying to find out ways to initiate conversations by randomly calling, texting, or physically appearing in front of you? Well, this is one of the most obvious and clear signs that your ex is wondering about rekindling the past relationship you guys shared.

2. They are sharing about their own life

Signs your ex wants you back

A random text or a drunk call about something unimportant from your ex may not always mean something, but if they are actually opening up about their life, what all is happening with them, and seeking advice from you it may actually mean that they are thinking about getting back with you.

3. They are quite curious about your dating life

If you and your ex are still connected via social media they might be having an idea about your current relationship status. So, if they are doing nothing about it and are not even bothering you, it may mean they are not interested in you anymore but if they are making comments on your current relationship status, asking you questions about your dating life and all it may show that they want you back in their life and this is a way of showing their jealousy.

4. They mention a lot about your cute memories

signs your ex wants you back

Trying to take you down the road of nostalgia is also something your ex can do in order to get you back. Making you remember all the good things you guys used to do, reminding you of all the cute memories can be their best weapon to get you back, as these memories can really make you fall for them again and that is surely what they want right now.

5. They try to make you jealous

Talking a lot to other girls, making time for others and not you, these are some of the examples that your ex is trying to make you jealous. And why would they bother making you jealous if they want nothing to do with you now?

6. They ask mutual friends a lot about you

signs your ex wants you back

Enquiring about you here and there and everywhere they find a contact is also something your ex does when he is not able to stop thinking about you and is wanting to get back with you for the same reason. So, if you hear from a friend that your ex is asking about you, now you know what the reason could be.

7. They try to apologize

Is your ex trying to talk about the relationship you guys shared and the fights you had, are they realizing their mistakes and are trying to apologize for them to you? Well, this is also a sign that your ex is actually taking out time to think about you and is wanting to rekindle your relationship.