7 Things that you should never eat on an empty stomach

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Fruits, oats, and other cereals. Most of us know what to eat on an empty stomach. However, how many of us know what not to consume on empty stomach? Not many, for sure. Well, while there is a list of food items to consume on empty stomach there is also a list of food items not to consume on empty stomach.

Why, you ask? Certain foods or drinks may wreak havoc with your stomach while some can be bad for your liver or even your pancreas when consumed on an empty stomach. So, here is a list of foods and drinks you should not consume on an empty stomach.

1. Spicy foods

empty stomach

No matter how big a fan you are of hot and spicy foods, spices, and chilies if consumed on an empty stomach are known to cause irritation and damage to the digestive tract as well as irritate the stomach lining causing acid reflux and cramps. Being pungent in nature this type of food can trigger indigestion and discomfort. This disturbance has the ability to ruin your whole day, therefore you should definitely avoid eating spicy food on empty stomach.

2. Drinks and food containing sugar

You might love the idea and picture of starting your day with a tall glass of fruit juice with some extra sugar in it but your pancreas that is still waking up would surely not like it. Sugar in the form of fructose can cause a negative impact on your liver. If fructose can be this bad then how can processed sugar be any better? Therefore, you should surely stay away from it as well if you want to stay healthy.

3. Aerated drinks

Aerated drinks are bad for you irrespective of the time when you consume them. But these drinks are even worse when consumed on an empty stomach because the carbonated acids mix with the stomach acids causing problems like nausea and gas. This excessive presence of acid in your stomach can lead to cramps and pain.

4. Raw vegetables

empty stomach

We all know that raw vegetables are full of fiber but do you know that this overdose of fiber that you intake on an empty stomach can become an overload on your stomach and cause flatulence and abdominal pain. Vegetables like cucumber that are extremely rich in amino acids can also cause pain and bitterness in the upper abdomen if consumed on an empty stomach. Therefore it is advisable to save your raw veggies and salads for either your lunch or dinner when you have actually started your day with some other meal.

5. Citrus fruits

We often assume that fruits are always healthy no matter at what time they are consumed but little do we know that citrus fruits such as oranges and guavas when consumed on an empty stomach can lead to excessive production of acid in our gut. The heavy dose of fiber and fructose that we get through these fruits can also result in slowing down your digestive system if consumed on an empty stomach. Therefore, it would be wise if you avoid this habit of eating high fiber and citrus fruits in the morning.

6. Yogurt

Consuming any fermented milk products which including yogurt on an empty stomach can be bad for your health. When consumed on an empty stomach the lactic acid bacteria present in the yogurt becomes ineffective due to high acidic levels in the stomach. The production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach also causes acidity.

7. Alcohol

empty stomach

While that beer bottle might call you out loud in the morning on a weekend, you should definitely try and stay away from it. Because alcohol, if consumed on empty stomach, can be very dangerous as the rate of absorption of alcohol is more whenever you have it on an empty stomach. Alcohol directly impacts your liver, kidney, and heart when consumed in this manner. Therefore it is advisable that you never have alcohol on an empty stomach.