7 Things to keep in mind before planning pregnancy

myths about pregnancy
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We are listing down your reminder before you plan on welcoming your little one!

The feeling and experience of bringing in a new life and starting a family is overwhelming and so special. Planning a baby is not an easy task, and it naturally raises numerous questions and deliberations on what to do and what not to do, what’s right for the baby, and whatnot.

If you are planning a baby or just thinking about it, read ahead to keep seven things in mind before all of it.

Quit certain habits



Stop consuming alcohol, quit smoking, and eliminate caffeine consumption before you conceive. With such habits and substances in your system, the baby may have an increased risk of health conditions since birth, like infant birth death, premature birth, and other problems.

See your doctor

See your doctor or personal medical healthcare provider to list down the necessary steps before planning a pregnancy or conceiving. This may include factors such as previous medical conditions, ongoing medical treatment, if any, previous pregnancy problems, prescribed medicines, insulins, and vaccination. This also includes herbal and dietary supplements and vitamins.

Learn about your family history

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It’s always better to learn about your family’s history and your partner’s before planning pregnancy. This will help you navigate through any hereditary conditions that might have a chance to affect the baby. Moreover, allow yourself to speak to your doctor about the family history so that they can eliminate or rule out the chances of those medical conditions. A series of miscarriages or other defects that have prevented you from conceiving may also be categorized into the reason for family history.

Plan smart to manage your finances

Your bill will add up when you have a baby. Managing and budgeting your finances, along with saving, will help you with expenses and future planning. Starting from diapers to baby skincare and other essential medications, you will be draining a lot out of your wallet without even realizing it. Expenses also include baby food, supplements, storage, monthly check-ups, and ultra-sound that will only exceed your list and bills. Planning and budgeting beforehand will help you be prepared for any expenses that will come, even the ones unexpected. Find out if your insurance plan covers maternity care.

Keep hygiene in mind

Maintaining good vaginal hygiene will help you with increasing the chances of conception and keeping away infections. Hence, you will need something mild and gentle to use below.

Maintain a healthy weight

Weight loss

People who are overweight or obese are likely to be exposed to medical issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer during pregnancy. It gets difficult for them to go through with the carriage. People who are underweight are at equal risks of miscarriage and other serious health conditions.

Maintaining a healthy weight along with a healthy dietary change is the primary factor in achieving pregnancy without having to worry about the mentioned. Remember to consult your doctor before making changes to your diet.

Get mentally healthy

Mental health is so important in general and especially during pregnancy, as it is directly connected to your baby’s health as well. Everyone feels a little anxious and nervous before starting something new, and pregnancy is life-changing decision in itself. To be prepared and get worried in the way is natural but also remember that you have to hone your mental peace and expect what’s to come during the journey. You being positive and actively awakened is important for your baby’s health and mental condition as well.