7 things you should never tell an expecting mother

things you should never tell an expecting mother
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A pregnant woman is, still, a person! However, we tend to forget it at times while making efforts to take extra care of them. Most important, many of us have some curious questions in mind that we feel like asking them, isn’t it? For instance, a few will be eager to know if you will be quitting your job after the baby. On the other hand, a few others will want to know if you intend to breastfeed the baby.

However, they need to understand one thing – certain intrusive questions are better left unasked. The same applies in the case of your conversations with an expecting mother.

Here is a list of the top 7 things that you should never tell an expecting mother.

things you should never tell an expecting mother

Small or Big!

Although you may have said that in a complimentary way, the expecting mom may think otherwise. Whenever you tell them about the size of their tummy, that freaks them out most of the time, for instance, some of them may even start googling to check whether their baby is okay.

Surprise or not?

Nobody wants to divulge the details of how they get pregnant. No, it wasn’t planned, or maybe it was. However, it is better that you stop asking this ‘surprise’ question to an expecting mother.

Touching the belly

Yes, it is exciting to see someone expecting a child. Curiosity happens at this stage, and you may also feel like touching their belly once to feel the baby’s heartbeat. But remember that this isn’t always fun for the mother-to-be. Yes, she may allow you to touch it once or twice. But asking the same every time isn’t appreciated.

Boy or girl?

things you should never tell an expecting mother

What a lady is expecting is just a baby. Asking whether it will be a boy or a girl is none of your concern. Nobody’s running a pregnancy race here.

It’s been 10 months, so what!

It is really annoying when somebody keeps pointing out the number of trimesters or months to an expecting mother. Yes, it may be 10 months already, but it’s a matter of the child and mother.

Picking a name

The answer is no. Even if it is a yes, there is no valid reason why you should ask whether or not the mother and the child’s father have thought of a name.

Do this and that

Giving advice to pregnant women is okay. However, there is a limit to which you should keep pestering them about things to eat, drink, or do during their daily activities.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. So, let her enjoy it to the fullest. Yes, all of us are extra careful with the woman of the house when she is expecting. However, it is better to keep certain opinions to ourselves so that we don’t bother an expecting mother. Remember, expecting mothers do not want a sugar-coated version of life that makes for pleasant conversations. All they want is a little love and care as they get ready to bring another life into the world.