7 Thoughtful gifts to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day

thoughtful gifts to give your loved one on valentines day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love birds scratch their heads thinking up a storm about what to give to their better half on this day of love. Celebrating love is the most important part of the day and gifts are secondary but not unwanted, so if you are confused about what to get, you are at the right place.

Last minute gifts can be thoughtful and well-meaning in nature if you just add a little personal touch to them. The gifts can vary from your partner’s favorite flowers to spending time doing what they love, so worry not and browse down below to find 7 thoughtful gifts to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Flowers to express yourself


Flowers have a language. Gifting roses means you are proudly declaring your love and Red Carnations claim deep love. Flowers are the best medium for expressing feelings in a beautiful manner.

So, go out and buy the flowers with the meaning of what you want to say and impress your partner.

Go old school with cards


While many might think what an outdated way it is to gift your partner a card on V-day, trust us when we say it can be the most memorable gift of your lifetime. A handwritten or printed card engrossed with romantic words that shout your feelings and care for your partner can leave them with tears of joy. And remember, when it’s about love, going a little old-school way never hurts. But if you think, just a card would leave a vacuum, pair it up with a gift of your partner’s choice and get ready to receive a tight hug full of love on this special day.

Say ‘take care’ with a skincare kit


Skincare Kits are a rage these days as people are becoming more aware of taking care of their skin than wearing makeup. Step out of your comfort zone and browse down the skincare aisle to find suitable face sheets, eye masks and facial oils to gift your partner according to their skin texture.

The attention to their need is thoughtful and unique to your partner and expresses that you care in a thoughtful way.

Perfume for an enchanting time


Memory is often associated with smell and women always desire to smell attractive at any time. So, gifting an original perfume made by incorporating their favorite scents together goes a long way to say that you pay attention to them and their favorite scents.

A furry friend

A Pet They Always Wanted

If your partner is a dog-lover or a cat-lover, now is the perfect time to gift them a pet they want. A pet is a companion who can guard and cheer your partner in your absence while making them miss you when you are gone.

Scented candles for an aromatic atmosphere

Scented Candle

Scented candles are feel-good items that are appreciated by any woman. They add calmness and fragrance to the surroundings. Women often used scented candles and love to experiment with different tones. So visit a shop and find a scented candle to gift that reminds you of your partner, like a sunny beach or cookie dough.

Your time for your loved one

Your Time

Finally, the one most important thought gift is your time. Spending quality time together increases a couple’s emotional bond. Spend time together doing an enjoyable activity together, eating or drinking, and make your partner laugh on this day of love.