7 Tips on how to confess love to your best friend

how to confess love to your best friend
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If there’s one question that is probably the toughest to answer, it has to be why and how you fall in love with someone. Falling in love is one of those things in the world that is not at all in our control, and we can actually do nothing about it. As many say, love always finds its way. And when it does, how, why, when, and whom all seem to be some irrelevant questions that we don’t have an answer for.

So, if you have fallen in love with your best friend, no, we are not judging you, and are looking for ways to confess your love, we are here to your rescue. Here are some tips on how to confess your love to your best friend.

1. Realize that it can change your friendship

how to confess love to your best friend

You confessing your love to your best friend may actually not go the way you thought it would, and it may also reevaluate the way you both look at each other. So, being prepared for things to go downhill and your friendship being affected is always helpful. This realization may also make you think way too hard before taking such a huge step of confessing your love to your best friend.

2. Go for subtle hints

Giving subtle hints to your best friend or trying those flirty little comments can also help you know the position your best friend is in as far as you are concerned. This might actually make things quite clear to you and help you understand how to proceed.

3. Wait for the right opportunity

Tips on how to confess your love to your best friend 1

Waiting for the right opportunity is also something that is way too important when planning to propose to somebody as important as your best friend. So, just know when the right time is and make your move accordingly.

4. You can opt for some gift or letter

Tips on how to confess your love to your best friend 2

The one benefit of confessing love to your best friend is that you can’t just mess up the proposal. You, being their best friend, would surely be aware of how they want their proposal to be, and that’s a bonus. So, why not propose to them in the way they always wanted. You can also buy them a gift they want and to give all this a personal touch you can also add a letter that too a handwritten one. This idea of a handwritten letter can just not go wrong unless your best friend is not at all an emotional person.

5. Be completely honest

Being completely honest with your feelings is the advice always given to the proposer, especially in the case where you are going to confess love to your best friend. If you are planning to hide your feelings or even fake a thing or two, take our word, they will surely find it out as they are your best friend, and they know you better than anyone else. So, be transparent and honest. Following a simple and direct approach is the best way to propose to your best friend.

6. Keep the conversation low-key

Tips on how to confess your love to your best friend 3

Expressing your emotions to someone is one thing and making it way too extravagant and dramatic is another. It is always advised to keep things low-key while expressing your emotions, even when it involves your best friend. You should try to keep the conversation light and friendly and may even avoid heavy words like crazy or deep love which may even scare people at times.

7. Don’t press them for a decision

Letting your best friend know that you are not forcing anything on them and they have all the right to completely be honest about their feelings and even make their way out of the proposal if they want to is your responsibility. You may even have to answer about what would happen to your friendship if they either accept or reject your proposal. So, be ready with an answer, and don’t forget to ensure your friend that all you want to do is to confess love and be open about your feelings.