6 Tips to get over your obsession with someone


It’s kind of hard to find healthy relationships nowadays, and most relationships today have a hidden obsession attached to them, which, over time, starts to make the relationship unhealthy. But do you know what could be even worse? It’s the obsession with an ex, with someone who no longer cares about you and is no longer a part of your life.

And guess what? This is not something rare. Most of us, or, at least, some of us struggle with being obsessed with somebody. While in the beginning, it might look like a simple attraction, it is only after some time that we realize that it’s something much more deep and worrisome.

So, if you have this kind of obsession and want to get over it, here are some tips.

1. Try to maintain some distance

If you are obsessed with somebody it becomes very tough for you to even think about living without them, it becomes scary and you start getting anxious the moment they leave. But at this very moment what you have to do and what you should realize is that you can’t force somebody to be with you, you can’t just make them stay forcefully so it’s better without them. You should try and maintain your distance from them as much as you can to get over this unhealthy obsession of yours.

2. Start noticing their flaws

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While you are obsessed with somebody you tend to ignore all their flaws and just focus on the good parts which makes it even tougher for you to get over that obsession. But now what you have to do is allow yourself to see the bad things in them, see the qualities in them that you won’t like your partner to have. This will make things easier for you. 

3. Realize that you don’t actually need anybody

Obsession with someone will make you think that you don’t have a life without that person, it will make you feel incomplete without them, and these thoughts can be very intense and scary at times. But what you need to realize is that you were a person before them and you still are somebody, you don’t need anyone else to help you breathe and your life would not stop with some person leaving it.

4. Focus on the little things around you

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Whenever you feel that your obsessive thoughts are trying to make their way inside your mind stop and take a deep breath. Try to focus on the surroundings around you like the sound of the wind or the sound of the fan. Try to feel the sensations deeply at that moment so that your mind won’t allow those obsessive thoughts inside.

5. Learn new things

If you want to get over your obsession you have to realize that keeping yourself busy and occupied is the only way to the start. The obsession rut can be dangerous if continued for a long time and therefore you should make efforts on your own to get out of it. You should focus on practicing or trying new things or hobbies so that you have a lot more than that obsession on your mind.

6. Get therapy


A lot of people out there do not consider going for therapy. For them, therapy is taboo and should not be considered for normal people. But knowing that it is okay to seek professional help when you feel that you need it is completely fine. There are many ways in which a therapist can help you get over your obsession and you might also feel okay when you see that you are not the only one with this problem. We are not saying that talking to your friends or family won’t help but what we are trying to say is that professional talk can be an even better option.