7 Tips to help you fight negative thoughts

7 Tips to help you fight negative thoughts 1
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We humans have the gift of language that no other mammal on earth has but do you know that this gift is also something that is the reason behind most of our problems in life? Yes, you read it right. Language is something that helps us in thinking and speaking and these two things are the cause of most of the troubles we face in life. We automatically tend to speak negatively to ourselves and this habit can really affect our brain making us mentally sick over time. So, it becomes necessary for us to fight all these negative thoughts that brood in our minds.

Here are some tips that can help you in fighting your negative thoughts.

1. Practice mindfulness and self-awareness

7 Tips to help you fight negative thoughts 2

If you are someone who experiences a lot of negative thoughts then you should definitely start practicing meditation. Meditation is something that would help you in getting detached from your feelings, emotions, and thoughts helping you in becoming mindful. Becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions and viewing them from an outsider’s point of view can be very beneficial for you. This can help you cope with your negative thoughts in a better way.

2. Always choose to pause for a while

Getting drowned in your negative thoughts is nothing but overthinking. So, whenever you feel that you are feeling anxious, depressed, and lost pause for a moment and feel the world around you, let your five senses be super active at this moment. This can help you be in reality for the moment and not get lost in your negative thoughts.

3. Practice writing instead of thinking

7 Tips to help you fight negative thoughts

You may get lost in your mind whenever you are thinking about something. So, it is always advisable to write your thoughts, especially negative thoughts on a piece of paper which helps you in making better sense of it all and helps you move forward in life.

4. Try to have gratitude

Most of us don’t understand the importance and magic of gratitude in our lives. But you should not underestimate it and hence always be thankful for what you have. If you face a problem in remembering the things you should be thankful for on a daily basis then you should make a list of all those things at once so that you can refer to the list daily. This habit of having gratitude and appreciating your life can really help you bring positivity into your life.

5. Ask yourself some tough questions

You are human and you are allowed to feel and experience everything, but you also need to be aware of the feelings and emotions that are having either a positive or a negative impact on you. So, whenever you get the time you should bombard yourself with the tough questions that can make you question the negativity around you. Once you are able to question the negativity you will also be able to fight it.

6. Use affirmations

7 Tips to help you fight negative thoughts 3

Regular positive affirmations have the capability of changing your whole life. Starting your day and ending it with these affirmations can be helpful in dealing with anxiety, depression as well as negative thinking. 

7. Learn to channel your negative thoughts into constructive things

You might be having a lot of negative thoughts but you cannot deny that you still have some projects around you which excite you in a positive way. So, channeling all your negative energy into that positive and constructive project can help you deal with it in a better way.