7 Tips to help you heal after a toxic relationship

Tips to help you heal after a toxic relationship
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There are a lot of people who have experienced toxic relationships at least once in their life. And the thing about toxic relationships is that they don’t always start as toxic but can become toxic, which is what makes them unrecognizable at the start and attracts you to them.

But the real problem is coming out of these toxic relationships, and it takes a lot of courage to do so because toxic relationships are one of the most passionate ones at times. So, if you have recently moved out of a toxic relationship but are unable to cope with the trauma, here are some tips to help you heal. 

1. Don’t try to “check in” on your old partner

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We all know about the temptations you feel to reach out to your partner after coming out of a relationship, especially when it is a long-term one, but this is one of the worst things you could do. This is the time when you might actually need some time alone, for which this “no-contact” period is very essential. You need to realize that no matter how strong your urge is to even stay friends, this would not be a wise choice.

2. Allow yourself to feel

Coming out of a toxic relationship could be really hard at times. It could be very confusing for you as it may give the feeling of sadness and freedom at the same time. And this is the time when you should just allow yourself to feel each and everything and not force anything on yourself. This is the time when you have to start your healing process firstly by starting the feeling process.

3. Work more on your strengths

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The post-break-up phase can be really hurtful and sulking at the same time. This phase could actually make you forget about all the good things in you and make you sulk the whole day, but this is the exact time when you have to realize your strengths and work on them even more. This is the time when you need to do the activities you actually love doing, as it will give you internal peace and satisfaction.

4. Don’t expect a closure

A closure is something that is not that common when it comes to a toxic break-up. You should make peace with the fact that you might actually not get closure or even a sincere apology when things involve your toxic ex. This realization could make things quite easy for you.

5. Face things head-on

You were in a toxic relationship and did go through a lot when you were with your ex, and accepting this instead of just denying it would help you heal better. This feeling of not being afraid of facing what all you went through would also help you get an insight into what you won’t want when it comes to your future relationships. 

6. Realize that you deserve healthy love

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Your bad experiences in your relationship should not make you believe that you don’t deserve happiness and that you are not worthy of healthy relationships because this is not at all the truth. Remember, no one in this world is incapable of love. Knowing your worth is the only way of attracting partners who also know your worth, so, no matter what happens, never lose faith in yourself.

7. Re-discover yourself

If you had been in a toxic relationship for a while, there are a lot of chances that you were losing yourself while you were with that toxic ex of yours, and now you need to re-discover your lost self. You need to realize that you are an individual person first and then someone who is related to someone else.