7 Ways to control your anger

ways to control your anger
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The way you react to any situation in life is very important, you never know when an overreaction might cost you your career or a relationship for life. How you control and manage your anger will help to handle situations the way you like. Sometimes being short-tempered or not knowing how to control situations peacefully can lead to big disputes over small issues and make you regret reacting that way afterward.

So to be safe than sorry now is the right time to take steps in order not to let anger get better of you. Here are some ways to help you manage your temper:

1. Meditate

ways to control your anger

You have surely heard this one many times, rightfully so, because this is the best way to help you keep your temper in check. A quick 10 min session in the morning will help you calm down and slowly help let out the negative energy so you can focus better on important things and not let the situation get better of you.

2. Think before you act

If you think something or someone is really getting on your nerves, just think for a moment, if ‘I react in an aggressive way, will it in any way harm me’? ‘Do the consequences affect my loved ones or me?’ ‘Do they affect my growth, or is reacting aggressively even worth it?’ Once you start thinking about the consequences, it will calm you down, if not that it will surely help you not ruin yourself in a fit of rage and react reasonably.

3. Find a hobby

Having a hobby can help you a lot to take out the pent-up rage, which generally results in outbursts of anger. It can be an aggressive one like boxing etc or a light, heartwarming one like baking, etc.

4. The “Focus on your breathing and count” method

ways to control your anger
Just like the name suggests, whenever you think you are getting angry or something is upsetting you, start concentrating on your breathing and count backward from 7 in your mind, bring your heartbeat to be normal, and think of smart answers instead of getting all fired up.

5. Go to your happy place

Not literally but as soon as you think your temper is going to get the better of you, block out what is making you angry, be it something that is being said, or done, and think of your happy place. A happy childhood memory, being with your partner or parent, anything that will make you smile or at least calm you down in that instance.

6. Ignorance is a bliss

Sometimes getting a reaction is all the other person wants and if you ignore what they say they will stop the whole charade after a few times. Sometimes all people look for is drama and will try to provoke you so that you create a scene and they get entertainment out of this. It is better if you stay away from these types of people but if in case you cannot ignore them, ignore what they say or do. An “I don’t care” attitude is best for almost every situation, especially when someone deliberately pushes your buttons.

7. See a specialist

ways to control your anger
Sometimes being short-tempered is your nature, and these methods may not be able to be of much use in some situations, so make sure to talk to a specialist about this and take anger management classes so as to avoid messing up your own life.

So, adopt an “I don’t care” approach for anyone who tries to mess with you, but if it’s a situation where it is necessary to put a person in their place, think of a point and then give a rational but firm reaction.