7 Ways to deal with a short-tempered partner

ways to deal with a short-tempered partner
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I will love you as you are. Most of us have used this line, at least, once in our life for our partners. Not that we don’t mean it, but the reality check happens when you are dealing with a short-tempered partner. Would you still love them as they are? It’s a tricky question, right?

Even if you try your best to make peace with your short-tempered partner, there will be times when you will feel helpless, tired, and still want to help. People who are short-tempered wear their hearts on their sleeves and tend to speak whatever they feel then and there as they over-feel. Hence, their sharp words might stab your heart and may leave you devastated. 

While they may appear annoying and hurtful, it’s safe to categorize them as people with the purest hearts because whatever they do is mostly out of over-reaction. So, if you have a short-tempered partner, here is how you can deal with them.

Dodge not engage

ways to deal with a short-tempered partner

The conversations and fights can turn ugly, just know it will be short-lived. No need to defend your stance or say anything until they cool down. Do not fuel the argument, instead just sail through it.

Give them space to recover

ways to deal with a short-tempered partner

A short temper is like an outburst and can be controlled if the person gathers themselves together. But this is not possible if you are around. Just give them space or leave them alone.

Try talking to them after a while

Just remember it is just your partner you are dealing with, someone you are close to, understand them and do not make them feel abandoned or unwanted. Talking about the same thing after a while will even give them the time to process what went wrong.

Do a romantic gesture

ways to deal with a short-tempered partner

If you are expressive, getting them a blanket to cuddle and watch a movie can help. If you rarely express, then what? Take this chance to take them by surprise, eat a bowl of Maggi while you try figuring out what angered or annoyed your partner in the first place.

Let them go

ways to deal with a short-tempered partner

Some people tend to abuse when angry and want to engage in an activity to distract, such as a long drive or a walk. Let them go and do not chase them as this might just anger them further.

Wait for the apologies to come

People with a short temper often overthink all they say and feel these repetitive outbursts of theirs might take you away. They will come back to say sorry and be prepared to reassure them that you will stay, as this will keep you both healthy and strong.

Tell, later, but tell it out

ways to deal with a short-tempered partner

You might think not telling them about how you felt would help. Instead, you would make it worse, just make sure once things have cooled down you bring it up as a discussion and put your points across as it is not always a great place to be in.

Understanding, open communication, and mainly acceptance is the key to helping your partner through this. It is a battle they find every day themselves in and the dilemma can often break their morale. That is when they look up to their support systems to give them all the love and care, with a little bit of explaining.