7 Ways to help your friend overcome a bad breakup

Credits: Pexels

It is a proven fact that no one hates your ex more than your friend. Because they know how that person mistreated a person like you who deserved the world. While there can be many reasons for a breakup to happen, many times even if it’s a mutual one, the pain and suffering is inevitable.

In such situations, we feel lost, empty and unfulfilled, as we are conditioned into believing that a partner can only complete us. In such cases, a friend can be there for you, here is how you can help your companion get over their ex and take lessons for the next.

Give them honest opinions


Telling them that they deserve better and that he or she was literally one of the worst people in the walk of their life might do the trick. Tell them from a third person as to what went wrong and whether there were red flags from the beginning itself hinting in this direction.

Let them cry it all out


Sometimes it is okay to let their tears out and hug them while they sob into your chest feeling all the guilt, regret, love, anger because that emotion is raw and real, think you are lucky to see them this vulnerable. This emotional release would also relax their mind and give them newer perspectives to think about.

Avoid triggering memories


Do not go to places that remind them of the ex. It can be date spots, shops, or gifts. It is better if you pack them all away to avoid encounters that might trigger breakdowns in your friend.

Take them out and socialize


Once ready, take them out with a new group of friends or just let them socialize in groups, who knows they find like-minded people with a similar story which helps them look at the brighter side of life.

Slight vengeance might help

Showing hatred towards the past elements might help, it might work as a common ground to rant or open up about unknown things. You can definitely call and tell them how it all went wrong, but that can be a little extreme. In a mature way, you can definitely put across how they are doing better off now.

Make sure the closure is done


Never leave any ends open, as a wound of the past can open a gateway to the present. Make sure all the things left unsaid are spoken and all their mementos returned. Make sure you are there for them while they close this chapter.

Keep a check on social media

People often tend to stalk their exes to find out if they are as miserable or lonely, motivate them, and keep them away from their ex’s social media handles for as long as they can. Make sure they are back on it in a much better mental space and are able to utilize the space to show how they grew and evolved through such a phase in life.

With all these means at your rescue, just remember to be there whenever they need you while respecting their personal space as every person has their own coping mechanisms and their level of hurt can vary as well. Try these methods and know for a fact that you can put a smile on their face.