8 Benefits of drinking green tea on an empty stomach

Green Tea
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With umpteen benefits, green tea is the most unprocessed and high-in-demand tea nowadays. Who has not heard about the wonders that green tea does to the human body? From weight loss to cancer prevention, this herbal tea made from Camellia sinensis leaves and buds and untouched by the oxidation process is a boon for the human body. So, why not start our day by blessing our bodies with such an amazing herbal remedy? Also, it is the most consumed variant of Assam tea.

Green tea

Here are the 8 benefits of drinking green tea on an empty stomach that you need to know:

Helps in weight loss

Weight loss

It is a proven fact that green tea helps in fat burning, which eventually leads to weight loss. By boosting metabolism and the effectiveness of a fat-burning hormone called norepinephrine (noradrenaline), green tea helps to get rid of unwanted fat in the body and to shed extra kilos! So, one should have green tea religiously in the morning to see the results.

Helps in the prevention of colon cancer


Green tea helps in preventing cancer. Containing polyphenolic compounds like catechins and anticancer compounds, green tea helps to promote growth within the large intestine. Also, being rich in sulfur-rich substances, green tea promotes the strengthening of the immune system which eventually leads to the prevention of colon cancer. So, in case you smoke or are a chain smoker, having green tea the first thing in the morning will help to flush out the toxins and protect you from cancer.

Helps to get rid of stress


Been stressed lately? Green tea can come to your rescue. Caffeine and L-theanine present in green tea promotes the production of a relaxing chemical in the brain known as GABA neuromodulation, which will help you to get rid of unwanted stress and anxiety.

Promotes oral health

Healthy teeth and gums

Brushing day and night and still facing dental and oral problems? Green tea can be the perfect remedy for that. Our mouth plays the most important part, the food that we eat enters in mouth, and teeth help in chewing the food, and this is a continuous process. As a result, it is very common to get a lot of germs and bacteria in our mouth. Antibiotic and anti-fungal properties of green tea help in fighting against oral infections, and gingivitis, and killing bacteria and germs that harm our mouth. Having green tea the first thing in the morning can help to keep our teeth and mouth germ-free and strong.

Helps in keeping the bones healthy

Healthy bones

After 30, the bone density in women starts deteriorating. Women above 30 who are experiencing menopause should consume green tea religiously as it is made up of Macha, Japanese green tea leaves, which is low in caffeine, and polyphenols present in it do not facilitate the loss of bone mass.

Helps in improving cholesterol level

Low cholesterol level

Containing catechins and other antioxidant compounds that help in lowering bad LDL, green tea helps in lowering cholesterol levels. So, if you are suffering from high cholesterol, having green tea with warm water on an empty stomach, every morning can help in lowering cholesterol levels.

Helps to keep the skin young

Glowing skin

Having bright, clear, and glowing skin is everybody’s dream. Adopting the simple habit of having green tea on an empty stomach can help to get gorgeous skin. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C green tea helps in hydrating the skin and getting rid of unwanted acne, marks, aging, and whatnot.

Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels

Low blood sugar level

Green tea helps to maintain blood sugar levels. Containing zero carbs, it does not facilitate the increase in blood sugar levels, and a diabetic person can consume it without guilt. To keep blood sugar levels in control, one should have green tea on an empty stomach every day the morning.

Mentioned above are the 8 benefits why one should have green tea on an empty stomach in the morning. But it is advised to seek professional advice before adding anything into your diet.