8 Benefits of starting your day with a green smoothie

Source: Pexels

Green smoothies are so healthy that they are well capable of replacing your wholesome breakfast, providing you the same level of energy and nutrition in a glass. Also, liquids are better at digestion and give a quicker nutrition dose to the body as they get absorbed into the blood. A green smoothie is a part of a balanced diet that can assist you in living longer without medical assistance.

But why start your day with a green smoothie? The first meal of the day can make your energy or break it. The food you have for breakfast boosts your metabolism to function for the entire day. That is why it is often said that you should consume a heavy breakfast. But did you know that a green smoothie is enough?

Let us replace the proverb “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” with a new one saying – “Drink green smoothie in the breakfast”. It’s time to check out the benefits of starting your day with a green smoothie.


Quick and easy to prepare

A green smoothie is a go-to breakfast if you are in a hurry or when you have a lot to do before you leave home. To prepare a smoothie, you hardly need 10-15 minutes, and it satisfies your morning hunger and also prevents you from binging on other heavy breakfast items like bread or pasta. No hustle and bustle to think about the morning breakfast and spend an hour cooking it.


You must have often heard about the best times to drink water in a day or the benefits of starting your day with two glasses of water. Why is it advised to have liquids in the morning? This is because your body becomes dehydrated overnight. To regulate this, you need to get a water boost for your body. For people with dehydration, it is advised to start their day with lots of water, followed by a large glass of green smoothie. Starting your day with a green smoothie lays a healthy foundation for the day.



Your breakfast decides your energy level for the day. Throughout the day, you need a lot of energy to carry out numerous tasks like walking, running, doing your hustle, and even sleeping requires energy. A glass of green smoothie is a powerhouse of energy that would keep you full for longer without feeling heavy on the stomach. It is also high in Vitamin C that boosts immunity in the body and helps fight infection and maintain healthy cellular function throughout our bodies. Green smoothies contain antioxidants that enhance the immune system, purify the blood and rejuvenate the body.

Helps with inflammation

With its powerful ingredients, green smoothies contain essential vitamins and minerals that help in fighting inflammation. Some people have problems who face bloating in the morning. A green smoothie is perfect for aiding bloating. You can add other ingredients to the smoothie to make it more beneficial, like banana, basil, or avocado.


Better skin health

Green veggies are good for the skin, hair, and eyes too. It contains natural antioxidants that fight free radicals. People who drink green smoothies on a regular basis often have clear and glowing skin. It also makes your skin softer and shinier. Since it is nutritious, it makes your skin healthy and happy.

Controls cravings

Do you often crave sweets in the morning? Sometimes, healthy foods are low on the stomach, which makes you crave more food after a few hours. If you give the right nutrition in the right quantity to your body, craving is less likely to happen. Go for a regular green smoothie routine to attain good health results.

Aids digestion

Leafy greens contain insoluble fibers that help food pass through your digestive system, thus, reducing stomach issues like diarrhea, constipation, and bloating. Such foods make you feel full for longer, thus cutting down your overeating doses and irregular craving. Hence, it can also go on your weight-loss journey.


Enhances bone strength

A green smoothie is a great source of vitamins that enhance bone strength in the body. With green smoothies, you can witness decreased risk for bone fractures, osteoporosis, and decreased bone mineral density.

Green smoothies are also said to improve the clarity and focus of the mind. It enhances memory, focus, and overall brain health and function. Taking a green smoothie in the morning also detoxifies your body, eliminating harmful toxins and waste material. To make your green smoothie more nutritious and tastier, you can make healthy additions like fruits (apple, mango, banana, avocado, or pineapple), vegetables (carrot, cucumber, beetroot, or cauliflower), herbs and spices, natural sweeteners, nuts, and seeds and end it up with some creamy additions like silken tofu, yogurt or milk.