8 Easy side hustles you can try this summer

Source: pexels.com

This summer, pull up your caps and set on a new journey to become financially independent. Try out some new side hustles to double up your income. For all the college buddies out there, here’s a chance to earn your hamburgers yourself. Let’s explore some new colors of life with these side hustles that can make your life easier without learning any tough skills.

But before choosing the perfect side hustle that suits your taste and time, you must always keep a few things in mind. Whatever task you choose, should never hamper your core occupation. Keep your core task a priority.

Let’s check out some trending options:

YouTube Marketing

This is a very simple way of earning money online. You need to find a YouTube Content Creator. Usually, creators hire a person for marketing who can bring in subscribers and viewers to the channel. This helps the YouTuber to grow and earn through the channel. In return, the Youtuber pays the marketer as per the audience they bring in.

Virtual Assistant:

These days, professionals look for virtual assistants who can help in not-so-important works like data entry, basic accounting, gathering information, etc. With the job of a virtual assistant, you have flexible working hours and there is a scope of getting good pay with lesser effort. You can get this job on any freelancing website or through a group of scholars and professionals.

Event Planning:

An event planning business is an easy-to-organize business with zero investment. All you need is some good contacts of service providers to help you out on the booking dates. If you have team management skills, your bank account can flourish with this business. You can get clients through social media or referrals. Once you start getting clients, you can attain consistency in work and income.



Have you ever tried clicking professional pictures? There are numerous means of income through photography. As a photographer, you can provide your services as a wedding or party photographer or you can work as an independent photographer for photoshoots. Apart from this, you can also click pictures of animals and objects and sell them online. People who require the pictures purchase your click from the website and pay you in return.

On-demand jobs:

This can make your weekend fruitful. When you are free on weekends or half-days, you can do some on-demand jobs like driving with Uber or food and grocery delivery with Zomato. You can ride your two-wheeler or your car. These jobs help you in earning good incomes. So, do not waste this weekend binge-watching, do something productive.


Again, stating the same, you do not require any special skill. If you are good at your mother tongue, you can teach that language online as tuition and earn a good income monthly. If you possess any soft skills like leadership, etc., you can teach that too. Share your knowledge with the masses and earn plentiful income online.



If you have a flair for writing, jobs like content writing and creative writing can help you in earning thousands per month. There are businesses that are paying writers as per the number of words they write and the number of blogs they write in a day. You can look for one such job and get going with it. Looking for a writing job is not difficult. You can also approach businesses by sending your portfolio and offer.

Social media management:

Small businesses often look for social media managers who can handle their social media accounts for better reach and publicity. This helps them in getting customers and clients. So, if you are familiar with the game of hashtags and catchy graphics, you can manage the social media handles of a small business and be a catalyst in its growth.

With these side hustle ideas, you can easily make money from the comfort of your couch. Making money online is not difficult in this digital era. You need not have some specialization to earn money online. In case you possess some special skills, you can earn extra income by freelancing.