8 New K-dramas coming this November 2023

daily dose of sunshine

Highly popular with the masses, K-dramas are one thing that gives a diversified storyline for everyone to watch. From romance to mystery or from time travel to body swapping, K-dramas come up with unique stories every month to keep us hooked.

With the month of November just on the horizon and approaching us, there are a number of new and interesting K-dramas to look forward to. So, check out this list of 8 new K-dramas coming this November 2023.

Daily Dose of Sunshine

Airing on: 3rd November

daily dose of sunshine

Park Bo-young is back with a new drama which is set around people who are dealing with mental health issues. A nurse in the Psychiatric ward, Jung Da-eun’s cheerful encounters with the patients and the staff at the hospital is a daily dose of sunshine.

Also starring: Yeon Woo-jin, Jang Dong-yoon, Lee Jung-eun

Original Network: Netflix


Airing on: 8th November

vigilante november

Nam Joo-hyuk, in a police officer avatar, is ready to mete out justice to those who deserve it. Kim Ji-young is a student at the police academy, but he has a secret: he also moonlights as a vigilante wiping criminals off the streets.

Also starring: Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Joon-hyuk, Kim So-jin

Original Network: Disney +

Moon in the Day

Airing on: 1st November

moon in the day

In Kim Young-dae’s Moon in the Day, two people body swap in order to take vengeance for the murder of their family. A nobleman from the Silla Dynasty takes over the body of an actor and meets the reincarnation of his murdered wife, who is a bodyguard to the actor.

Also starring: Pyo Ye-jin, On Joo-wan, Jung Woong-in

Original Network: Netflix, ENA

A Bloody Lucky Day

Airing on: 20th November

a bloody lucky day

A regular taxi dreams of winning the lottery and looks forward to the next morning, wishing that it turns out to be true. He eventually meets a customer who offers to pay him more if he takes him to Muk-po. But on the way, the taxi driver realizes that some things are too good to be true, and he might just have gotten a serial killer as his passenger.

Also starring: Lee Sung-min, Yoo Yeon-seok, Lee Jung-eun

Original Network: tvN

Goryeo-Khitan War

Airing on: 11th November

goryeo khitan war

Action and war drama, Goryeo – Khitan War, is based on the true events of the war between Korea and China during the period of Goryeo. In this historical drama, it shows the courage and determination of a King and his commander-in-chief as they make plans to unite the dynasty.

Also starring: Choi Soo-jong, Kim Dong-jun, Ji Seung-hyun

Original Network: KBS2

The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract

Airing on: November 2023

story of park

The date of its airing is yet to be announced, but the show will take over the time slot of the drama My Dearest Part 2. Based on a webtoon, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract is a fantasy romance with plenty of comedy. Yeon-woo, a girl from the Joseon dynasty, suddenly transmigrates to modern-day South Korea. In modern times, she ends up meeting a man who looks exactly like her husband, who died on the day of their marriage.

Also starring: Joo Hyun-young, Yoo Seon-ho

Original Network: MBC

My Demon

Airing on: 24th November

my demon

Usually, making a deal with the devil leads to horrific and unimaginable consequences, but in My Demon, it’s just the start of a very unlikely romance. Song Kang plays Gu-won, a demon who has lost his powers, and to get them back, he has to make a deal with a rich heiress, Do-hee.

Also starring: Kim Yoo-jung, Lee Sang-yi

Original Network: SBS, Netflix

Once Upon A Boyhood

Airing on: 24th November

once upon a boyhood

After charming everyone with his role in Summer Strike, Im Si-wan in Once Upon A Boyhood stars in a period drama set in the late 80s. In the agricultural school of Chungcheong, a new admission student, Byung-tae discovers that his life has taken a completely different turn from how it was previously after being mistaken for someone else.

Also starring: Lee Si-woo, Kang Hye-won

Original Network: Coupang Play