8 New shows to watch on Netflix this week

carol & the end of the world

Netflix has a bunch of shows to watch for streamers this week. From dark and twisted As the Crow Flies Season 2 to the show based on the Royal family, The Crown Season 6 Part 2, with which the series will finally conclude.

As the year also comes to an end, stop searching for old shows to binge-watch again and instead explore news shows on Netflix that vary in genres and are highly engaging.

So, browse the list of 8 New shows on Netflix this week.

December 12

Single’s Inferno: Season 3

single's inferno

Single’s Inferno is a reality TV show on Netflix where a number of Korean singles gather at a secluded Island to play games for love in order to become a couple and escape to another island, a paradise for lovers.

December 13

The Influencer

the influencer

The Influencer is a romantic drama starring Mariana Gómez, Juan Manuel Mendoza, and Luna Baxter. Mariana Gómez plays an online influencer who is dealing in a cutthroat business of online media and fame when a sudden invitation ruins her reputation, and she has to restart her life again.


1670 | Oficjalny teaser | Netflix

1670 is a satirical comedy-drama starring Bartłomiej Topa, Katarzyna Herman, and Martyna Byczkowska. An offbeat comedy, the plot revolves around an enthusiastic gentleman in Poland who is dealing with family feuds and peasants’ clashes with a dream to become a famous personality one day.

Se Eu Fosse: Luísa Sonza

Se Eu Fosse Luísa Sonza | Trailer oficial | Netflix Brasil

Se Eu Fosse: Luísa Sonza or If I Were Luísa Sonza is a documentary series on Luísa Sonza, one of the most popular pop singers in Brazil. In this documentary series, the pop star herself opens up about her personal life, professional career, and various controversies that followed her in life.
December 14

As the Crows Flies: Season 2

as the crow flies

As the Crows Flies is a dark Turkish drama series starring Birce Akalay, Miray Daner, and İbrahim Çelikkol. Aslı, a longtime fan of Lale Kıran, a famous news TV anchor, bluffs her way into the news scene to get close to her idol, but the cutthroat world of media soon drives her on a dark path.

The Crown: Season 6, Part 2

The Crown: Season 6 | Part 2 Trailer | Netflix

The Crown is a historical drama series starring Imelda Staunton, Dominic West, and Lesley Manville. Season 6, Part 2 shows the blossoming love between young Prince William and Kate Middleton, who will later become his wife. There’s also growing tension between Prince Charles and William as Charles is getting ready to finally marry his longtime girlfriend, Camilla.

Yu Yu Hakuso

yu yu hakuso

Yu Yu Hakuso is an adventure comedy series and a live adaptation of the anime of the same name. The series stars Takumi Kitamura, Jun Shison and Kanata Hongô. Yusuke Urameshi is a bad boy who gets into fights daily at his junior high school. When he dies in an accident while saving a little boy, he finds himself reborn again with some supernatural abilities.
December 15

Carol & the End of the World

carol & the end of world

Carol & the End of the World is an animated comedy-drama series with a voice cast starring Martha Kelly, Beth Grant, and Lawrence Pressman. Carol Kohl is a middle-aged woman who is a prisoner of her monotonous routine at a time when the world is about to come to an end. A mysterious planet growing nearer to Earth signals an imminent danger and the end of the world, causing the world to go on a wild trip to fulfill its dreams and hopes.

Yoh! Christmas

yoh christmas

Yoh! Christmas is a romantic comedy-drama series starring Katlego Lebogang, Siya Sepotokele, and Didie Makobane. Thando has turned 30 but remains single due to her family’s growing worries and dissatisfaction. So out of desperation, she lies to her family that she has a boyfriend, but now she has only 24 days to look for a real one.