8 High protein plant-based items that are good alternatives to meat

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While you are trying to maintain a healthy protein diet by intaking variants of animal-based protein, another simple way to easily achieve your daily protein needs can be from plant protein alone. While you may wonder why you should opt for consuming plant-based protein rather than meat, studies have shown that you can obtain more protein from plants as compared to that animals. You may wonder why you should be opting for plant protein rather than meat protein. Well, plant protein tends to have higher fiber than meat, and we all know that the more fiber content, the more healthy your digestive system will become.

In this article we will be sharing with you the top 8 plant-based protein that has higher protein content than meat and is a savory for all of us by choosing plant proteins rather than meat proteins, you can expect many health benefits that we bet you didn’t know about.


8 plant-based items with higher protein content than meat

Tofu, which is derived from soy, is a wonderful substitute for meat. Though not by the exact taste of it it can be a great alternative in terms of its protein content. It’s said to have the richest amount of protein content than other meaty items. You can simply prepare a dish or tofu and savour it in the form of soup or in between your sandwich and can serve as a versatile addition to your protein diet. It has huge levels of calcium and iron in it that make it a healthy substitute for dairy products as well who are lactose intolerant. 


Another rich protein content item is of a deliciously cooked bowl of chickpeas made with spices to add to your taste buds. It’s said to have a high amount of protein content, containing around 7.25 grams of protein per half cup, and serves as a great replacement for the lesser protein content of meat. It’s a versatile item, and while you are devouring it, you are making your body protein-rich, and that too without having meat.


8 plant-based items with higher protein content than meat

Red or green lentils which are an easy availability in every household are a greater source of obtaining protein than from any meat because of their presence of fibers and key nutrients like iron and potassium. While having lentils, your body is getting definite proportions of vitamins and dietary fibers than what consuming one animal protein would do. It’s a great item to add to your lunch and dinner routine and definitely is a great alternative to getting that extra portion of protein.


8 plant-based items with higher protein content than meat

This high-protein content grain has numerous other nutrients as well such as magnesium, iron, fibers, and manganese which makes it all the more feasible option to go for other than meat. You can definitely prepare a healthy dish of quinoa and relish it while not worrying about getting less protein. 

Chia seeds

8 plant-based items with higher protein content than meat

While you are trying to pacify your cravings for something sweet, we have got you covered. This protein-packed plant seed is a great option to add to your smoothies or puddings and while you have it, you are actually getting your dose of protein, and that is too much more than meat. They are low calorie seeds and rich in fibre and Omega-3 fatty acids and are definitely a great source of protein.


There are very few people who don’t love to have one piece of potato in their daily day-to-day meal. A large baked potato is said to deliver 8 grams of protein with other essential nutrients like potassium and vitamin C. So, prepare a healthy mashed potato sandwich and devour it without worrying about the protein intake because you are definitely having plenty of it.


They are full of healthy fats and at the same time serve as a protein-packed option to meat. They are a healthy option, and you can easily pop a few peanuts into your mouth and start munching it by deriving the maximum protein benefits. You can also choose peanut butter as a healthy alternative to butter on your bread since it is good for your heart health as well.

Oats and oatmeal

8 plant-based items with higher protein content than meat

Consuming oats is an easy process and a delicious process to add protein to your diet. They contain rich amounts of magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and folate that help in maintaining our body’s healthy balance and in turn, provide protein to it. They are considered to have higher quality protein than regular animal protein and can be a great addition to your meals. So without waiting any longer, prepare a bowl of oat and start relishing it.

Though there are a lot of why’s and what if’s of consuming plant-based protein than meat, these healthier versions of plant-based items are surely a greater alternative and source of protein than what meat serves us. While meat only fulfills our protein intake, these above items make sure to complete our overall dose of nutrients including protein.

But if you are able to eat meat, there’s no compulsion to take to eating plant-based protein. Also, if you are suffering from protein deficiency or any other illness, it is advisable to consult your doctor for professional help.