8 Reasons why you should start your day with coconut water

Coconut water

Nature is the best medicine. And one amazing gift of nature to mankind is coconut water. An amazing source of fiber, potassium, manganese, and selenium, and really low in fat and sugar content it is the best for your body and also helps to lower blood sugar levels. High in manganese, coconuts facilitate bone health and the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and cholesterol.

Coconut water helps in the formation of red blood cells as it is rich in iron and copper. It protects your cells as selenium richly embedded in coconut water comes to the rescue. Also 95% clear liquid present in coconut is indeed a boon.

So, in case you are diabetic, a health freak, or someone who simply prefers healthy and beneficial food can go for coconut water over mojito as its refreshing properties will keep you hydrated and combat this summer heat better than any mojito in the world.

As coconut water has a lot of health facilitating abilities, why not start our day with an amazing gift by nature? Here are 8 reasons why we should start our day with coconut water.

It keeps you hydrated throughout the day

coconut water

Consuming tea or coffee in the morning is a must for many. While it seems like a habit that we can’t get rid of, there is a strict need to put a full stop to that. Now think about it, why can’t we beat the urge of sipping tea or coffee the moment we wake up? Because of the nicotine present in it and it is an addiction. Apart from that introducing tea to your empty stomach can disturb your acid and alkaline balance. Some people also have tea because they believe that it helps in altering constipation in the morning.

But actually, it is the other way around, tea facilitates constipation as it contains theophylline, which has a dehydrating effect on the stool. On the other hand, coconut water contains Lauric acid that helps in the morning on an empty stomach to boost metabolism and also helps in quick digestion and bloating. It all keeps your body cool.

 It can be the best energy booster

coconut water

Coconut water is a natural sports drink that helps in keeping your body hydrated and boosting energy before and after a workout. Also after a workout, coconut water helps in replenishing the electrolytes lost during exercise. It is common to feel fatigued and exhausted after an intense workout session but coconut water is one of the best energy-boosting drinks and helps in terminating exhaustion and fatigue.

 It helps to keep your body and mind calm throughout the day

coconut water

Coconut water’s sweet and pleasant fragrance is proven to have a psychological effect that helps in terminating anxiety and slows our heart rate. In case you are suffering from anxiety and stress, sipping some coconut water in the morning religiously every day can help to alter stress and anxiety and calm your mind and body.

It helps to come out of a hangover


Had a party last night and have a meeting in the morning? Don’t worry and have some coconut water. As it is a proven fact that having coconut water helps to get rid of hangovers. Also, electrolytes present in coconut water helps in terminating headache and nauseous feeling caused by alcohol, packed with several health facilitators. It helps in refreshing the mood as well.

 It promotes glowing skin

glowing skin

Who does not want good and glowing skin? And the good news is that coconut water helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, increase skin hydration and elasticity, increase collagen production, and give skin a visible glow as it helps boosts vitamin, electrolyte, and mineral levels in the body.

It helps to terminate harmful effects of oxidation

coconut water

Antioxidants are important for the human body as it terminates radicals caused by oxidation in the human body. And coconut water is a rich source of antioxidants that helps in preventing damage caused by smoking, stress, and alcohol consumption. It also prevents our body from damage caused by free radicals,

It helps to keep sugar levels in control

Sugar level

Low in carbs and high in fiber and fat, coconut water can act as a best friend for people suffering from diabetes. It helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

It adds to guilt-free eating

Weight loss

As it is low in fat and has a lot of body facilitating abilities, it can be added to the diet of all those people who are looking to lose weight can have coconut water because It is low in calories and easy on the stomach. It also consists of bio-active enzymes that aid digestion and boost fat metabolism. Drinking coconut water religiously every day may help in losing those extra kilos.

While coconut water is purely natural and doesn’t possess any harm but if you suffer from any gut issues, it is always advisable to seek professional advice before making any changes in your daily diet.