8 Signs you don’t love your partner

Signs you dont love your partner
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Love is a complicated emotion and we as humans can sometimes just misinterpret it. We may face problems in knowing about it and recognizing it at some times which could bring some really bad consequences for us. You might sometimes think that you love someone unconditionally whereas in reality you may not which can be bad for both you and your partner.

Therefore here we are with some signs that could help you know if you love your partner or not.

1. Your time seems irritating together

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Do you feel like you don’t enjoy your time spent together with your partner, and like you are always irritated by them? If, yes there might be a lot of chances that you don’t love them as much as you think you do. As if you would have been in love with them you would enjoy all the moments you spend with them as that is what love does.

2. You prefer your friends over him

We don’t mean that you would no longer want to spend time with your friends when you are in love, but what we mean here is that if you always are preferring your friends and never want to spend some quality time with your partner whenever you are given a choice, it may be a sign that you don’t love them. 

3. Your feelings are only because of physical attraction

Is your partner very handsome or pretty, are they someone you always wanted until they open their mouth? Do you feel at times that what attracts you towards them is only your physical urge to have them and nothing more than that, then you should know you are in the wrong relationship and don’t love them.

4. You don’t see a future with him

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We have a tendency to start imagining a future with someone we love, we tend to fill our minds with those cute pictures of the future but if you are not able to then let’s just face it that you are not into them as much as you think you are.

5. You keep him away from your family and friends

We often can’t just stop ourselves from making our partner meet our family or friends once we realize they are the one for us. We just can’t stop thinking about how great they are and how they should meet our close ones. So, if that is not the case with you and you are not comfortable in making them meet your close ones then they might not be someone you love. 

6. You think about other men

Love brings in loyalty and if you are able to think about other men, it is kind of clear that you are not loyal to them and that is a sign that you don’t love them.

7. His feelings don’t matter to you

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We automatically take care of the emotions of a person who matters to us. We take care of not hurting them and not changing what hurts them. But if you are not bothered by what your partner feels and their emotions are meaningless to you then it might be true that you don’t love them even if you think you do.

8. You both don’t have stability

A constant on-and-off relationship, a relationship where when things go down no one tries to bring them up, a relationship where problems and fights are not handled maturely is a relationship that lacks love because if there is love you would do anything to make things work.