8 Signs you have a toxic boss

signs you have a toxic boss

Your life is mostly about your work and your work is a lot about your boss, so if you have a boss who is supportive and helps you have a healthy work-life routine your life can actually become a blessing. But this is something we all don’t always have so if you feel that you have a toxic boss, a boss who never supports you and never understands you then you should not ignore it and do something about it.

Here are some signs that you have a toxic boss at work.

1. They never respect your ideas

Do you feel that your boss keeps on asking you for new ideas but whenever you are ready with some they just don’t respect them and turn them down? If yes, then you surely are stuck with the wrong boss and this person could actually ruin you in the future. This boss of yours doesn’t actually care about your opinion or ideas and is toxic to you.

2. They take credit for your work

Do you feel that you do all the hard work and never get the credit for it and all the credit is actually stolen away by your boss? If yes, then s/he is doing wrong to you and you should not tolerate this for the long term.

3. Their feedback is never constructive

signs you have a toxic boss

We all need feedback on what we do in our lives especially when it comes to our work life but what if our boss is not ready to provide us with any constructive and positive feedback and all they give us is negative feedback even when we deserve something else? Then it is just wrong and you would have no growth with such a toxic boss. 

4. They criticize you for asking for some help

Let’s face it, nobody is perfect and can need help at any time. And you definitely would be asking your boss if you need help for anything but does he or she takes it constructively or do they criticize you for it? If they criticize you and are never ready to help you out then you surely are stuck with a toxic boss.

5. They play favorites

signs you have a toxic boss

The foremost rule for any boss or leader is to neither prefer nor reject anyone on the basis of their personal bias. This behavior of your boss could be discouraging for you as well as the other employees. You can get to know this by observing the pattern of their praises and rewards to know if it is healthy or not.

6. They are all about work and never about your wellbeing

A good boss knows the balance between work and health and if your boss does not know it then he or she is definitely a toxic person to work with or under.

7. They have unrealistic expectations

signs you have a toxic boss

If your boss expects you to always be right, not make any mistakes, and do everything always on time even when you are going through some rough phase, this is a red flag. This simply means that your boss has unrealistic expectations from you which is not a healthy trait and would cause you a lot of trouble in the long run.

8. They are rude and arrogant

Being rude at times is tolerable. After all, most of us do take to rudeness when angry. But if you find your boss an arrogant person who is rude to you almost every time, this is a sign of toxicity. So, save yourself and your mental health and do something about it.