8 Signs your crush likes you back

Credits: Pexels

Getting attracted to someone is not that tough but getting them to like you back can sometimes be a big task. There are many people out there who have a crush on somebody and are waiting for just a hint from them to pursue the liking into something more like a relationship. Therefore, today we would be sharing some signs that your crush likes you back, which could ultimately help you start a relationship with them.

1. You catch them staring at you a lot

It is quite obvious that if a person is interested in you they would try and look at you a lot. This staring or sneaking a glance at you may happen when you are not usually looking at them. Therefore if you find your crush trying to sneakily stare at you at times you should be happy to assume that they like you back.

2. They are interested in knowing more about you

Signs your crush likes you back

Nobody is too interested in anyone’s life if they have nothing to do about it or for it. Therefore, if you find your crush being too much interested in your likes, dislikes, hobbies, and other things it is a sign that they are genuinely interested in you and may like you back.

3. Their body language changes around you

We, humans, tend to be different people around the person we like, and this may or may not happen consciously. Therefore, if you see a change in the behavior of your crush around you and around other people, if you see them getting nervous or even shy more around you than others, it is a sign that they like you back.

4. They try to stay in your close vicinity

Your friends might casually sit near you but if you see your crush making an additional effort to be near and close to you even when you are sitting in a group, it becomes an obvious sign that they are interested in you and like you back.

5. They are good at making excuses to surprise you with gifts

Signs your crush likes you back

Nobody usually invests in gifts for somebody they are not genuinely interested in. Gifting is something that is common on special occasions but if you are receiving gifts from somebody even when there is no special occasion as such it may be a sign that the person is interested in you. 

6. They get jealous when you are with someone else

Signs your crush likes you back

Do you find your crush acting weirdly or abnormally when you are close to somebody else or are enjoying the company of someone else? Well, if they are acting this way, it might be a sign of their jealousy which is natural because they have feelings for you and like you.

7. They share their secrets with you

If you see that your crush is becoming quite frank with you, and is not hesitating to share anything even their biggest of secrets it means that they are trying to show that they trust you which is obviously because they like you.

8. They remember the smallest details about you

There is nobody who doesn’t like it when somebody remembers the smallest details about them, and this is something your crush is also aware of. Therefore, if you see that your crush is remembering every small detail about you like your favorite color or your favorite milkshake, it might be that they are giving a sign and are even trying to show that they like you back.