8 Signs your partner is losing interest in you

Signs your partner is losing interest in you
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Every relationship needs a lot of effort for it to continue and there might be times when one of you is not ready to put in those efforts when the relationship starts to go downhill. These are the times when you or your partner are losing interest, there might or might not have been some issue or something that pushed you towards this.

So, if you want to know if your partner is losing interest in you or not here are some signs to watch out for.

1. They are no longer interested in making plans with you

Signs your partner is losing interest in you

Spending quality time together is very important in any relationship and if your partner is not interested in doing so there might be something wrong. If your partner is putting no effort into making plans with you anymore or all their plans are made without you, there are a lot of chances that they are no longer interested in you.

2. They respond very late to your texts or calls

Signs your partner is losing interest in you

Does the behavior of your partner seem cold to you? Do you feel as if they are ignoring you? Well, you can tell this by observing their texting or calling patterns. At the start of any relationship, it seems very tough to hang up on each other but if that is no longer the case and they don’t show any interest in maintaining good communication with you they might be losing interest.

3. They are no longer emotionally available

We all know the importance of emotional intimacy in a relationship and therefore if you feel that you and your partner are losing your emotional connection, chances are your feelings are also being disconnected. 

4. Even when they are around they don’t pay attention

Is your partner attentive to what you say? Is he or she even listening or are they just glued to their phone all the time? Do you feel like you are talking to a wall? If yes, then he or she is surely prioritizing other things over you. If you feel that they no longer are paying attention to what you say or what you feel anymore there is something surely missing in your relationship.

5. They are not there for you when you need them

You need your partner and they are nowhere to be found? They know you are going through a rough patch and they are still not there for you? If yes, then this might be solid proof of lack of interest, because no interested or in-love partner would not be there for their person.

6. They easily get frustrated with you

Signs your partner is losing interest in you

Is your normally calm partner tripping very easily now? And they don’t even have a reason to give when asked for? And all you get from them are negative vibes? If yes, then there are chances that there is something bothering them and they are losing interest in you.

7. They don’t talk about the future anymore

We don’t say that living in the present is wrong on the other hand it may actually be great for the relationship but if you and your partner used to talk about the future and are not having those talks now it might be a red flag. This shows that they are uncertain because of their lack of interest in you or the relationship.

8. Your gut tells you that things have changed

You should always trust your gut, it never usually catches anything wrong. So, if you have that feeling that you are not being done justice to in the relationship with your partner in the terms of interest and care you might be right.