8 Signs your relationship is turning toxic

toxic relationship habits
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No relationship is easy. Even if your relationship seems perfect to you, it may still have its flaws, but that is completely okay and normal. However, something that isn’t normal is toxicity. Having small quarrels and not liking some of each other’s traits is okay, but an unhealthy relationship that makes you feel negative and energyless is not.

So, here are some signs that will help you recognize if your relationship is moving toward toxicity.

1. If you have started feeling uncomfortable around your partner

Couple fights

Comfort is something your relationship should never lack, and if you have started feeling uncomfortable around your partner for a while now do take it as a sign of your relationship going downhill. 

2. Your partner is no longer interested in how you feel

Not being interested in the way you are feeling about something or making you feel bad every time you try and talk about your feelings is a very big sign of your relationship turning toxic. Communication has always been the base of every relationship and if your partner is no longer interested in it just open your eyes and see where your relationship is heading.

3. Your partner is isolating you from your family and friends

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No good partner would try and keep you all for themselves, and if you feel you are no longer spending time with your loved ones in a way that you usually did you should know that you are moving towards toxicity.

4. You are making excuses for their behavior

Are you defending your partner for whatever they are doing? Are you making excuses for all their acts? Well, that my friend is no good news for your relationship. This is something you would surely start doing once you realize how your partner has started being unbothered about whatever wrong they do, and that is nothing better than being toxic.

5. Your partner is constantly playing the victim card

Couple fights

No one is always at fault, it may be the case that you are the one who commits mistakes more often but you can’t always be at fault, so if you are observing that you are getting blamed for every bad thing that happens in your relationship and your partner is always playing the victim card you should know that your relationship is not healthy anymore.

6. Your partner is becoming way too controlling

Controlling doesn’t mean that your partner sometimes takes charge of some things or others, but what it means is that you are not getting your chance to even express what you desire, you have no importance as a part of the relationship you are in. This is also a sign of your relationship moving toward toxicity.

7. You are being judged

Couple fights

You should be able to be yourself, be happy, and not get judged for what and who you are in your relationship, and if that is not the case just be mature and step back from it.

8. You are feeling drained

Your relationship is no longer your happy place, you are not feeling the energy you people once had, and are constantly making excuses to either not meet them or get rid of them whenever you meet. All these things can mentally as well as physically drain you and that is when you should realize how toxic your relationship is getting.