8 Things to consider before breaking up

things to consider before breaking up
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Finding love isn’t easy. But sometimes our anger forces us to take some meaningless steps that could take away this beautiful love from us forever. So, if you are also someone who is having doubts about breaking up with your partner over some things that could actually be solved, you should stay here for some time.

There are a lot of chances that the current problem in your relationship is not allowing you to see the good times you and your partner had with each other. This problem could actually make you blind to all that. But here are some things you should surely consider before breaking up with your partner.

1. Try to remember what attracted you to your partner

If you are planning to break up you should first calm yourself down and remember what actually attracted you to your partner? What was that quality and where is it now? Do they still have it and you are still giving up on them? If yes, then ask yourself, why? Once you have had all these answers it would be easier for you to reconsider your decision.

2. Do consider your happy times

things to consider before breaking up

Do consider the beautiful time you and your partner had together. If you mostly shared happy moments and did not have many of those toxic patches regularly in your relationship, you guys should know that the relationship is worth holding on to. Those small fights and arguments you had should not make you run for the hills. So, hold on and think about it.

3. Ask yourself if your partner was your happy place

If your partner was your happiest and safest place you should just not give up. If you were able to be yourself with them without any fear, fight for your relationship. This kind of bond is hard to find again so consider this before ending a relationship.

4. Do you still feel dedicated in the tough times

Loyalty and dedication are some of the rarest qualities you’ll find in someone including your own self. So, if you feel that you are still loyal to your partner and don’t ever think about being with someone else after the breakup as well, you guys are really meant to be together and this breakup would be a very wrong step.

5. Did you get what you need from this relationship?

things to consider before breaking up

Was the relationship everything you ever wished for? Was it bringing in what you wanted from life? If yes, then why are you walking away from it and that too from a petty mistake committed either by you or your partner? You should really consider all this before breaking up.

6. Communicate about what is the major reason for the breakup

Communication is the key to everything. If you don’t communicate  about what you feel if you don’t let your partner know what is going on in your head and what actually hurt you, how are you expecting things to be fine again? You both need to sit and talk about what is the major reason that you are thinking about the breakup. This could really help you clear things out and choose either to stay together or part ways forever.

7. Can you imagine a future without them?

Were you totally invested in your relationship? Were you guys planning on having a happy future together? If yes, then how could you just give up on all that? If you close your eyes and still see a future with them and are not able to take them out of those dreams of yours then don’t just break up. Things might be tough for a while but it is worth holding on to them.

8. Are you willing to fight for the relationship?

things to consider before breaking up

The most important question to ask yourself before breaking up is if the relationship is worth holding on to? Are you willing to fight for this relationship? Do you still love them? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then go ahead and put in all your efforts to save the relationship. You might get hurt in the short term but it is surely going to bring happiness in the long term.