8 Tips on how to handle breakup stress

8 Tips on how to handle your breakup stress
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Breakups have the ability to totally destroy you emotionally, they can make you feel vulnerable and stressed, which may last for a long time if not taken care of properly. Even if your breakup was the right thing it can still be painful and stressful for you and you need to get out of the phase soon before it consumes you.

So here are some tips that could help you deal with your breakup stress.

1. You should take out time for yourself

Going towards self-care and spending some time with yourself can help you fall in love with yourself and miss your ex a bit less.

2. You should indulge in physical activities

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Releasing some happy hormones, and physical activities can really help you get over your anxiety and depression with time. It can help your brain release some chemicals inducing the feeling of well-being.

3. You should keep a daily journal

Writing down your thoughts and feelings could really help you get in deeper touch with your own self and get over the phase sooner. It could help you be clearer with everything that is going on in your mind and your heart.

4. You should spend time with your loved ones

Breakups can make you feel alone and you may even want to cut-off people from your life which is something you should surely avoid. It is nothing but an impulsive decision and you may regret it later. So, instead of staying away from the people who love you, you should try and push yourself to spend some time with them and you will see that it would really help you.

5. You should talk to a therapist

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Post-breakup phases are different for everyone, some may get over it easily and some might even need help. So, if you are someone who needs help from outside you should not feel shy about it. There is nothing wrong is seeing a therapist who could help you deal with your problems in a better-suited way for you.

6. You should allow yourself to grieve the loss

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When you are dealing with a breakup you really are going through a lot of pain and no matter what everyone says it is totally okay to feel the way you feel. You should validate all your emotions and let yourself properly grieve the loss of your relationship if you want to get over it. Leaving your emotions aside and not acknowledging them would do no good to you.

7. You should try to stick to a regular routine

Going through a breakup can really mess with your daily activities and chores but you need to keep this in check. Instead of sitting and sulking about something that happened in the past you should try to stick to a routine that involves some productive activities which could help you get out of your post-breakup phase.

8. You should stay away from alcohol and drugs

Breakup brings in a lot of stress and anxiety and may even push you towards doing drugs or drinking alcohol just to get out of your grief for some while but you as a mature person should avoid this otherwise you may even get addicted to it which is obviously not something positive.