8 Tips on how to identify a narcissist

How to identify a narcissist
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Are you often confused about how to find out if someone is a narcissist? Well, there are no physical blood tests, MRIs, or exact determinations that can identify narcissism but here are some quite clear signs that can help you identify a narcissist even from a mile’s distance.

Here are a few of them:

1. They are always engulfed with the feeling of superiority

For a narcissist, his whole world is about the blacks and whites of life. To them, there are either superior or inferior people or even bad and good people but no in-between. In this world, they themselves always have a superior complex and this is very different from self-confidence. A narcissist will only feel safe when he is at the top and being anywhere else would not satisfy him.

2. They always act entitled

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Another trait of a narcissist is that they always have a sense of entitlement. To them only they are right and no one else can ever be right, only their opinions are what matters, and what other people believe in is never right. They have the feeling that they have the right to do anything to anyone but no other person can do anything wrong to them.

3. They want every little thing to be perfect

Narcissists believe in perfectionism. They have an extremely high need for everything to be perfect. They just believe that everything should be perfect and this need is what makes them have a constantly complaining and dissatisfied attitude.

4. They are afraid to self-reflect

Narcissists are always afraid of reflecting on their own selves. They are scared that they might find something that they would not be able to control, which surely is what they don’t want as all they want is to have control over everything that happens around them.

5. They need to have control over everything

How to identify a narcissist 1

As already told narcissists want everything to be just perfect, this need justifies their wanting control of everything even if it means manipulating or being diplomatic. They usually have a storyline already designed in their mind with some roles assigned to different characters and if any of the characters don’t behave accordingly they get upset and their need for control jumps in again. They just need to have everything under their control.

6. They don’t respect anyone’s boundaries

There are a lot of people out there who have problems with understanding the concept of boundaries in people’s lives and narcissists are also one of these people. To them, everything is about them and also belongs to them so they don’t even mind entering other people’s boundaries if they might have to.

7. They can’t empathize with others

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Other than being self-absorbed and selfish not being able to empathize with others is also a hallmark of all narcissists. They not only deny feeling emotions like guilt or remorse but also lack a basic understanding of the nature of feelings. They also tend to blame others for all the negative feelings they experience which is completely wrong.

8. They love splitting

Narcissists love splitting everything into either good or bad. They blame every bad and negative thing or emotion on others while love to take credit for whatever positive happens. They remember everything with its smallest details which becomes a problem for others.