8 Zodiac signs and the type of people they are attracted to

zodiac signs
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You do not control who you will be falling for, and you definitely have no idea about their personality. Life surprises us like that, although astrology might help us give a heads-up. Read ahead to know if you made it to this list!

Nobody knows when the cupid’s arrow will strike, and we will be head over heels for someone the next moment. It all comes down to destiny and the alignment of our stars. We might not decide who we will be falling for or will be attracted to, but we can always rely on a heads-up. We have selected eight zodiac signs and listed down the type of people they most probably will be attracted to.


zodiac signs

Natives of this sign can sweep a Libra off their feet, and these two can be a great match. Leos and Sagittarius may also like this fire sign for its leadership qualities.



Taurus craves loyalty in a relationship, and Leos values security and loyalty in a loving relationship. Libras, on the other hand, love the finer things in life and like a good balance in life, which is valued by a Taurus.


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Geminis are always down for an adventure, and only Sagittarius could match up to their spontaneity with their free-spirited nature. It may appear that both signs are polar opposites as Sagittarius tend to look at the bigger picture while Gemini is all for the details, but together they make a powerful couple.

Aquarius and Virgo might also be interested in a Gemini.



All Scorpios ever want are long-term relationships and loyalty, which is why they may find themselves falling for Cancer.

Pisces might also find themselves attracted to Cancer solely because of the fact that the both of them share a common ideal image of relationships that is dreamy and perfect.


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Leos love to spoil their loved ones, and Libras crave exactly that. It would be natural for these two signs to come together to do sweet things for each other.

Leos have a sense of loyalty and commitment, so Scorpio signs might be naturally attracted to this sign as well. Leos might also be perfect for Pisces, who will support their desire to be in the spotlight.


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Taurus people are all about the material world and might resonate with the Earth sign. Virgo is better in terms of being a workaholic and perfectionist.

Virgos are sensible, and their sense of safety and structure naturally draws in Capricorns too.


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Cancer is headed their way to catch up to Libras as they are caring and nurturing to the core, all that a Libra craves. Taurus sign is naturally attracted to Libra, and if these two get together, they will have the most fun while enjoying each other’s company no matter where they are.


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They say opposites attract. Well, it must be true because Taurus falls on the opposite side of the astrological chart and will be immediately attracted to a Scorpio. Their contrasting personalities are likely to spark an intense romance between the two zodiac signs.

Cancer and Pisces may also find this water sign irresistible to make a move on because of its mysterious nature and ability to handle a tough situation with ease.

Disclaimer: All the personality traits mentioned above are generic and for reference purposes only. These are based on your zodiacal qualities and might or might not hold true for everyone.