9 Benefits of drinking orange peel infused water

orange peel
Credits: Pexels

Are you constantly worrying about being healthy? What if we ask you that eating orange peels might help? Sound weird. It may be but trust us when we say they are loaded with health benefits. The excellent source of vitamin C provided by this fruit also gives numerous nutrient benefits that help to maintain the body’s health. Here we will discuss how the orange peel is the fruit’s healthiest component overall and the benefits of drinking orange peel water.

Even while it may come as a surprise, research has shown that orange peels are full of flavonoids and other vital phytochemicals that have a number of positive health effects. To give you an idea, the orange peel has more vitamin C than it does in the orange flesh.

Here is why you should drink orange peel water frequently.

orange peel

  • Good for diabetic patients

Pectin, which is a fiber known for regulating blood sugar levels, is found plentiful in the peel which undoubtedly benefits diabetes sufferers. Orange peel extract treatment has also been demonstrated in studies to be effective in preventing diabetes. You can consume it in form of juice and tea or simply crush it into a powder form and mix it in a glass of water. You are good to go.

  • Cut the risk of cancer

Studies show that a protein linked to cancer is inhibited by the flavonoids present in the peel of the orange. The peel contains limonene, a substance that lowers the chance of developing cancer.

orange peel

  • Helps in maintaining healthy lungs

Orange peel water assists in clearing up congestion and cleansing the lungs, all credit goes to the vitamin C concentration present in it. Additionally enhancing immunity, vitamin C aids in fighting off and preventing lung infections.

  • Keeps the heart strong

Hesperidin, a flavonoid abundant in orange peels, has been found to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Since inflammation is a contributing factor to heart disease, the peel’s anti-inflammatory effects are also beneficial.

  • Helps to reduce weight

If you are planning to lose some extra body fats then definitely try the orange peel-infused water as it is really low in calories which makes them beneficial in a weight loss regimen. Dietary fibers are enriched in orange peels which help in controlling appetite. The vitamin C component present in it also helps in burning fats.

  • Gives a natural glow to your skin

The beneficial components present in the orange peel help to heal blackheads, dead skin cells, acne, and blemishes, it is regarded as a blessing for the skin. It makes your face looks brighter as well if you drink it regularly.

orange peel

  • Improves vision

Orange peels include limonene, decanal, and citral, which can improve eye health. They prevent infections and enhance vision because of their anti-inflammatory qualities.

  • Improves digestion

Fruit peel fiber helps with digestion. Drinking orange peel drink helps in fighting constipation. Additionally, studies reveal that citrus fruit peels, in general, have been utilized to treat digestive issues since ancient times.

  • Teeth whitening

Orange peels shield you from tooth cavities. Additionally, orange peels water can be used to whiten teeth, as it includes limonene, a natural solvent that promotes natural teeth whitening.

orange peel

Can we eat an orange peel?

After going through so many benefits of having an orange peel drink you must be thinking about how to eat it. Yes, you can also easily eat an orange peel, by various means. Although you can bite into an orange’s skin, it’s recommended to eat smaller portions at once to avoid stomach discomfort. Orange peels can be mixed in salads cutting thin strips and also making delicious smoothies. Different sweet dishes can also be made using peel.

However, make sure you are not allergic to it or never consume it in more than the recommended amount. If you have any doubts, consult your nutritionist.