9 Magical health benefits of basil leaves

health benefits of basil leaves
Credits: Pexels

One of the oldest herbs known, holy basil or tulsi is native to India, Asia, and Africa. This flavorful, leafy green herb is a member of the mint family. Easy to grow, many people prefer growing them in their kitchens as well as gardens. These antioxidant-rich small leaves can work wonders for your mind and body.

Other than all these basil leaves are also popular as a food seasoning because of their strong and recognizable smell. Here we would put some light on the magical health benefits of basil leaves.

1. It is good for digestion

health benefits of basil leaves

The essential volatile oil in basil leaves helps in fighting problems like indigestion. It also restores the natural pH level of your tummy and promotes healthy digestion. eugenol present in basil leaves also ensures to keep your digestive tract healthy.

2. It has anti-inflammatory properties

The essential oils including eugenol, citronellol, and linalool add to the anti-inflammatory properties it has. These anti-inflammatory properties of basil may also lower the risk of heart disease, arthritis, and bowel issues.

3. It helps in preventing cancer

health benefits of basil leaves

Holy basil contains phytochemicals, the compound that shields and protects you from various cancers especially lung cancer, oral cancer, skin cancer, and liver cancer.

4. It regulates blood sugar

health benefits of basil leaves

Consuming basil leaves regularly can slow down the release of sugar in the blood. Other than this basil can also help counter other health complications like hyperinsulinemia which are associated with diabetes.

5. It improves your mental health

health benefits of basil leaves

The herb stimulates neurotransmitters that can help to alleviate mental problems like depression and anxiety. Sipping a hot cup of tea with basil leaves can regulate the hormones responsible for inducing happiness. 

6. It is great for your skin

health benefits of basil leaves

You might be shocked to hear about the benefits basil leaves can be=ring to your skin by cleaning in from within. Basil serves as an excellent cleanser, especially for people with oily skin. It helps in cleaning the skin of all dust particles and unclog all pores. 

7. It contains a lot of antibacterial properties

The antibacterial properties of basil make it quite famous and well-known. The essential oils present in basil can help fight many infections. Some of the most noted infections it can help in curing are respiratory, urinary, abdominal, and skin infections.

8. It prevents oxidative stress

Basil is a very rich source of antioxidants that help in stabilizing the free radicals which can cause some serious cell damage if left unstabilized. It has also got flavonoids that slow down the effects of aging, and also strengthen our immune system.

9. It is rich in nutrients

Basil contains many vital nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin K, Calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc.

All this and more make basil leaves one of the magical foods to add to your daily routine.