9 Reasons why your marriage is heading towards divorce

Reasons why your marriage is going towards divorce 3
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You fall in love and decide to marry, but then you see how things are going downhill and disturbing you. Well, it may be the story of a lot of people, and ‘Happily-ever-after’ can really seem to be only a myth at times. There are a lot of reasons that contribute to it. From unresolved issues to misunderstandings, and from extra-marital affairs to lack of trust, anything and everything can make your marriage a rocky affair.

Some of the reasons why your marriage is heading toward divorce are stated below:

1. Losing your individual self

Reasons why your marriage is going towards divorce

If a relationship is pushing you towards losing your individuality, if it is killing your vibe and changing you as a person, the relationship is meant to be doomed no matter what the relationship is. So, if you are feeling like you are losing yourself know that the relationship is not going to last.

2. An extramarital affair

Well, who doesn’t know about the consequences an extramarital affair has on a marriage, and how it ends it? Whenever either of the two partners in a marriage starts to see someone outside of the marriage they end up hurting the other in a way that is irreparable and it ends up in a divorce.

3. Not planning your success together

If you and your partner both are people with aims you have to get on a track that helps the dreams of both of you otherwise it may also be possible that you end up on different tracks that lead to different ways resulting in divorce.

4. Unforgiveness

Reasons why your marriage is going towards divorce 1

Any long-distance relationship requires a lot of forgiving, you both are human beings and are bound to make mistakes and if your partner keeps all those mistakes in their heart and is never ready to forgive it would ultimately cause the end of the relationship i.e., divorce.

5. Lack of physical intimacy

We have always talked about the importance of physical intimacy in a relationship and if your marriage has lost its spark, if you both don’t have the physical chemistry you once had your marriage is bound to go downhill in the long term and could even lead to divorce.

6. Keeping things inside

A relationship even when its a marriage is all about communication and if you or your partner is not communicating about their feelings and is preferring to keep things inside their head it is sure that there would be a pile of grudges created in the mind which will definitely burst at some point of time leading to breakage of everything even the marriage itself.

7. Unresolved issues

Reasons why your marriage is going towards divorce 2

Not talking about the issues you have and moving past them without actually solving them doesn’t work for a long time. And if this is what you do stop doing it right now if you want your marriage to work otherwise it’s all going to pile up and you both would ultimately split because of it.

8. Your expectations are not met

We all have some kind of expectations from our partner and if they are not met we won’t be able to take the relationship far, but you should also know that here we aren’t talking about those unrealistic expectations which are just too hard to be met.

9. The interference of other people

Interference of a third person be it anybody from a stranger to a family member has never been considered good not even when the third person is a well-wisher because nobody knows your relationship better than you two. So, always take care of keeping everybody at a good distance from your relationship.