9 Signs he’s the one for you

Signs he's the one for you
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While we tend to identify the red flags in a relationship, what we end up missing is the signs that suggest your partner is the one for you. Not that it’s an easy task, and surely choosing the one doesn’t happen overnight; there are always subtle signs that suggest he is the one for you.

So, if lately, you have been stressing about whether your man is the one for you, we have got you sorted. Here are signs that will guide you to find out if he’s the one for you.

1. You are way too comfortable around each other

Signs he's the one for you

Being comfortable in being who you are around somebody is a blessing and if you feel this with somebody at any stage of your life know that he is the one for you. This comfort you have with each other is really not easily achievable; therefore, if you have this, don’t lose it and just embrace it.

2. He is never afraid to apologize

Signs he's the one for you

Apologizing is never easy for anybody, so if someone is not afraid to apologize to you, know that you are very important to that person. Not everyone has the courage to keep his ego aside and apologize for something, so it’s crystal clear that he is the one for you. There can be times when your partner might also apologize for a mistake that wasn’t even committed by him just to save your relationship. This also proves that he’s the one for you.

3. He supports your dreams

People are busy following their own dreams, and that’s not even wrong, but if in this busy and selfish world somebody understands that your dreams are important to you and supports them, you know he’s the one for you.

4. He respects your boundaries

Just like everyone around you, you also have your boundaries, and someone who doesn’t get insecure about them and respects them is the one for you. 

5. Your core values align

You fall in love with somebody, and there are a lot of chances that your core values won’t align with them. So, if your core values align with your partner, it really is a blessing, and you should consider yourself lucky as you might have found the one for you.

6. He sees and acts on the future you see together

signs he's the one for you

Someone who is not afraid of commitment and not only sees but also acts upon the future he sees with you is, undoubtedly, the one for the rest of your life. This includes him working hard and also motivating you to do the same so that you can build together the future you both dream about.

7. You both have those healthy fights

Relationships are not only about happy times. You both would have many fights as well but knowing that those fights are healthy and not toxic is the way to decide whether your relationship is healthy. And if it is healthy, you might have found the one for you.

8. You have good sexual chemistry

Signs he's the one for you

Physical aspects also play a major role in describing your relationship, and if you can feel the natural spark with your partner and there’s no end to it, you should know he’s the one for you.

9. He is completely open about himself

It is a straight and true fact that boys take a lot to open up to somebody, so if your man is not afraid to portray his vulnerable side in front of you, he is the one for you as he’s really in love with you and trusts you a lot.