9 Signs your body is dehydrated

Credits: Pexels

It goes without saying that the most essential thing in this universe for mankind is water as 60% of the human body is made up of water. This is essential to maintaining healthy metabolic and physiological processes. We lose some amount of water every time we sweat, urinate or even breathe.

That’s the reason it is really important to frequently drink water to remain hydrated. In addition to general dehydration, not getting enough water can also cause health issues such as excessive weariness, headaches, and stomach issues. Dehydration can also impact your immune system.

Here are a few symptoms that tell your body is dehydrated:

Chapped lips

chapped lips

Not drinking enough water straight away reflects on your face. When you are dehydrated your lips will be dry no matter how much you are spending on lip balms. It’s the same as when you don’t water plants it starts getting dull.

Urinary tract infection

drink water 1

By flushing bacteria out of our bladders with water, we can avoid developing an infection. Dark-colored urine or a decreased desire to urinate is also a symptom of dehydration. Drinking water will increase the urge to urinate with the help of which you can flush out the germs caused by infections.

Skin dullness

skin dullness

Have you ever heard your favorite celebrity speaking about their personal beauty regime? The first thing they say is to consume at least eight liters of water per day to keep their skin glowing and hydrated. Your skin cannot be perfect just by applying costly moisturizer or visiting salons. If you are not drinking the required amount of water your skin’s health will keep on deteriorating. Your skin cells won’t have enough water if you are dehydrated. As a result, your skin may start to appear flaky, dry, and less elastic, and it may even develop fine lines and wrinkles.

Bad breath

Drinking an adequate amount of water encourages your salivary glands to create more saliva, which helps to wash away the oral bacteria present in the mouth. Dehydration reduces saliva production, which encourages the growth of bacteria in your gums and between your teeth which results in foul smell and bad mouth breath.

Gaining weight

fat belly

If you consume water in small intervals your stomach will always be full, this will keep you away from untimely food cravings, which are responsible for weight gain. So, people who are dehydrated are prone to gain weight.



This is one major sign of being dehydrated. Your digestive system is always disturbed by less intake of water which leads to constipation.

Dryness in eyes

itchy eye

If you are not drinking sufficient water your eyes will also lose moisture resulting in dryness in your tear ducts which is important to keep your eyes wet. Your eyes will consequently get itchy and red color which is a sign of irritation. Dry eyes are uncomfortable, and they can be improved by keeping yourself hydrated.

Cramps in muscles

When you sweat you lose an adequate amount of body water. So, it is always advised to drink plenty of water during workouts, outdoor activities, and while doing any chores. If your body won’t have adequate water, it will not be able to produce sweat which will lead to muscle cramps and even headaches.

Low energy

fatigue 1

Your body will experience difficulties keeping a regular body temperature as soon as your water levels fall below the necessary level, which will result in a slowed metabolism and other problems which will keep your mood and energy low.