9 Signs your friends are toxic

Signs your friends are toxic
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Toxicity can creep in from anywhere be it your love relationships or even friendships. Both of these relationships are the closest to any person and you should be aware of who you are allowing to be with you. If you aren’t feeling secure in your friendships anymore, there must definitely be a reason and you should not ignore it.

Here are some signs to know if your friends are toxic.

1. All they talk about is themselves

Signs your friends are toxic

Any relationship, be it friendship goes two ways. If your friend is always talking about their own self and has no interest in talking about you or knowing about what is going on in your life they might actually be toxic for you. If you feel this only once or twice it is okay because they might need your attention at those specific moments but if this is a constant pattern it is a problem in the friendship.

2. They make you feel self-conscious 

No friendship is meant to make you feel conscious about your own self. No one is allowed to sit in front of you and judge you for each and everything you do in life. So, if you feel that your friends don’t respect you and are always up for inducing the feeling of self-doubt in you they might be toxic.

3. You feel used

You should never ignore your gut feelings. If you feel used you might actually are being used. If you don’t feel any reciprocation in your friendship there are a lot of chances that you are being used in that friendship.

4. They only act according to their convenience

Does your friend respond immediately when they need some information and ignore you when you need them? Is their availability always open according to their convenience and never according to what you need? Well, if the answer is yes you might be in a toxic friendship.

5. They don’t have your back

Signs your friends are toxic

Who other than your friends would have your back when you mess things up? Aren’t your friends the ones who will be there and tell you that they got you no matter how bad things go? If that’s not the case and you see that your friends are only with you when things are blooming and they run away as soon as things go down for you, you should accept that your friends aren’t real and are toxic.

6. They don’t respect your boundaries

Everyone is allowed to have their personal boundaries. No family member, friend, or life partner, nobody is allowed to cross the limit of your boundaries. If you have some boundaries that you don’t want to discuss on a specific topic and your friend isn’t understanding it’s just wrong and you should accept that they are being toxic.

7. They don’t hesitate in putting you down

When a friend of yours puts you down regularly without the actual intention of making things productive for you, you should just not ignore it. This habit is not a joke and tells a lot about your friend.

8. They don’t support you while you are struggling

Signs your friends are toxic

Friendship isn’t just about the good days, but it’s even more about the bad days. If you don’t see your friends around in your struggling days what’s the use of them being around you on your successful ones? So, be wise and see who’s your real friend and who isn’t.

9. They only expect and don’t do anything themselves

Is a lot just expected from you while nothing is done for you in your friendship? If yes, it’s time for you to step out of your toxic friendship for your own good.