9 Things you should pay attention to before your wedding day

wedding day
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Along with the excitement, your wedding brings a lot of anxiety and nervousness. Amid all the chaos, there are several things that you miss addressing and you end up regretting it on your D-day.

You have spent a lot of time preparing for your wedding and finally, D-day is coming close and making you nervous about all the chores that need to be done. Here we are with some help for you as we provide you with a list of things you should do before your wedding day.

1. Get your beauty sleep

What all to take care of before your wedding day 2

For every bride-to-be, it is one of the most important things that you look glamorous and refreshing on your D-day. While makeup is definitely to your rescue but eight-hour beauty sleep is just as important. So, no matter what, jump right into your bed and get yourself that beauty sleep in order to glow on your D-day.

2. Pack a bag for your personal stuff

You should pack a bag of all the emergency things like safety pins, tissue papers, etc that you might need at any time and should carry it with you anywhere you go.

3. Don’t forget your phone

You may think that as it is your wedding day you might not be needing your phone but this is not exactly true. You may not be surrounded by someone all the time and you might need something at that moment, so who or what is going to help you then? It surely is your phone. So, keep your phone completely charged and with you even on your wedding day.

4. Make notes for yourself

A big event like your own wedding makes you think about a lot of things and can also make you forget a lot of them. Therefore, it is advised that you make a list of all the important things you need to do or remember. This will come in handy.

5. Stay hydrated

Your wedding might have put you through a lot of struggle and stress but you should not forget to take care of your body and staying hydrated through this time should be one of your priorities.  

6. Don’t forget to thank people

What all to take care of before your wedding day 3

Before or even on your wedding day you should not forget to thank the people who were with you through all this process, the people who helped you in going through the ups and downs before your wedding deserve your compassion and thanks.

7. Get a comic relief

You would not want to freak out or look stressed or depressed on your wedding day, so it would be great if you watch something funny, exciting, or thrilling that makes you go gaga and helps you chill on your wedding day. 

8. Practice walking in your shoes

wedding day

Would you want to trip on the stage or even at any other point in your beautiful wedding dress? You surely would not want that so the best option is that you practice walking in your wedding shoes before your D-day.

9. Clean your engagement ring

There might have been a bit of time since you were engaged and your engagement right is now not as sparkly as it was at your engagement time. A lot of attention on your wedding day is on your engagement ring and you would not want that the ring should look any less wonderful than it actually is, so make sure you get it properly cleaned by a jeweler before your wedding day.