Addison Rae rumored to star in BTS Jungkook’s ‘3D’ music video alongside Jack Harlow, Fans speculate

Addison Rae Jungkook
Credits: Addison Rae/Instagram, BigHit/Twitter

Fans of BTS have been speculating about a surprising detail that could potentially send shockwaves through the internet when it finally unfolds. It is suspected that TikTok star Addison Rae might join Jungkook’s highly anticipated collab ‘3D’ featuring Jack Harlow. The rumors have been circulating the internet, with fans mostly displeased with the news.

Jungkook’s solo singer ‘3D’, featuring American singer Jack Harlow, is all set to release on September 29. Fans are overjoyed at the news as this comes after a short break for the BTS member. BigHit has released several photos and teaser films hinting at the concept of Jungkook’s upcoming project. While the news of Jungkook collaborating with Jack Harlow is already causing a media frenzy, the potential addition of Rae could escalate the situation.

Addison Rae might cameo in Jungkook’s ‘3D’ music video

The rumors regarding Addison Rae’s potential involvement in Jungkook’s ‘3D’ music video began when fans noticed certain clues on TikTok star’s Instagram stories. In one instance, Rae posted a story with the caption, “Love you nyc” allegedly hinting at the ‘Euphoria’ singer’s performance at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City.

Another story shared by her appeared to be directed at Jungkook, featuring her munching on a corn-shaped ice cream while the song ‘I Got it Bad’ played in the background. The caption of the story read, “Jungkook knows best.” Fans have interpreted these posts as potential hints of a collaboration between the two. It is safe to say that the fans are not only surprised but also astonished at the possibility of this happening.

“This is so random”

Fans are utterly shocked at the possibility of the two collaborating and have been sharing their reactions to the speculations. “Streets saying addison rae is going to be in jk’s music video what???” a user wrote on X, to which another user replied, “THE STREETS ARE LYING.” A tweeter emphasized the prospect of the two working together, saying, “Y’all need to bffr and stop being in denial because Addison Rae posting that story of Jungkook‘s favorite ice cream at the same time of 3D’s announcement is giving the same energy as when Becky G posted that story of Korean snacks when her and hobi were filming CNS.”

BTS fans express displeasure about Addison and Jungkook collaborating

Most fans were displeased at the idea of Rae and Jungkook sharing a screen together. One tweet conveyed, “I really don’t like how much I’ve been hearing the words ‘Jungkook’ and ‘Addison Rae’ being said in the same sentence today like those are 2 different characters from 2 separate movies. Let’s keep it that way.” Another tweet read, “whoever said addison rae is going to be in jungkook’s new mv, meet me outside we’re fighting.”