Adele moves in with boyfriend Rich Paul and shares a lovely Instagram post

Adele and Rich Paul
Credit: Instagram

The very beautiful and talented Adele seems to have taken her relationship forward with her boyfriend Rich Paul. It was only recently that the singer shared some lovely images on Instagram featuring Paul on Wednesday that has sent her fans into a frenzy. One can see the beautiful couple standing in front of a stunning white house that seems to be their new living abode.

We also cannot take our eyes off Rich Paul who is seen clutching a pair of keys in his hand. What’s more interesting is the caption that Adele has added along with the image – Time Flies, well we definitely agree with this one! The post also includes various other photographs of the renowned couple ever since the time they began dating.

Check out the post below.


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Fans were excited to see more rows of photographs of the couple rolling out as they can be seen having some sweet moments together. Instances include Rich Paul coming to support Adele while she was working at McDonald’s and another one in which both of them attend softball together. Well, that isn’t all. In yet another clipping, we can see Paul kissing the singer backstage during an event. The last image shows Adele holding a fortune cookie message that says she has found good company implying her relationship with Rich Paul.

Earlier speculations

Earlier, speculations were rife about the couple breaking up as Rich Paul was spotted in Miami with one of his clients LeBron James on the occasion of Adele’s 34th birthday. If reports are to be believed, the pair who was spotted dining at the Napa Valley on Sunday, was still together despite the fact that the singer spent her big day all alone. Sources also confirmed that Adele was still dating Rich and the fact that both of them were very busy during that time.

Engagement rumours

If the breakup rumours weren’t enough, the couple was haunted once again with engagement rumours sometime back. The last time that Adele and Rich Paul were spotted together was a few months back during an NBA All-Star game held in Cleveland, Ohio. The couple had a good time during their date night at the court.

About Adele

Adele made headlines earlier this year when she suddenly decided to cancel her Las Vegas show on short notice. She also went on to apologize to all her fans on social media for not doing the much-anticipated show. The singer stated that her show wasn’t ready and that she along with others tried everything to put it together. She cited COVID-19 and delivery delays to be the reason behind the cancellation.


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