aespa’s Karina mesmerizes at Cannes Film Festival with a $1.2 million necklace

Credit: Karina

aespa’s Karina has captured the attention of fans and fashion enthusiasts worldwide with her breathtaking appearance at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in France. Her stunning beauty and choice of jewelry have left netizens in awe of her elegance and charm.

Karina’s Radiant Presence at Cannes

During their debut at the Cannes Film Festival, all four members of aespa looked glamorous, but Karina truly stood out with her captivating beauty. Known for her ethereal visuals and striking features, she mesmerized admirers once again with her unforgettable presence.


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The Dazzling $1.2 Million Necklace

Karina’s choice of jewelry, a Chopard rubellite and diamond necklace, became the center of attention. The necklace features a remarkable 123.24 ct pear-shaped rubellite and is part of Chopard’s prestigious red carpet collection. Netizens noted that Karina surpassed the previous record set by Red Velvet’s Joy for wearing the most expensive sponsored jewelry. Joy had previously worn the Tasaki Spinner Necklace worth 375,364 USD. The Chopard necklace worn by Karina is estimated to be valued at approximately 1.2 million USD (1.6 billion KRW).

Netizens in Awe of Karina’s Beauty

Korean netizens expressed their fascination with Karina’s appearance and the jaw-dropping value of the necklace she wore. They praised her stunning beauty, stating that she looked even more enchanting than the expensive piece of jewelry itself. Netizens admired her choice of outfit, her overall charm, and perfection in each of her Cannes appearances. Many couldn’t believe that someone could be so beautiful, leaving them captivated by her allure.


Karina’s presence at the Cannes Film Festival left fans and fashion enthusiasts worldwide captivated by her mesmerizing beauty. With her choice of a $1.2 million Chopard necklace, she further solidified her status as a fashion icon. Karina’s elegance and charm continue to astound netizens, making her a true standout at the prestigious event.