After BTS’ Jin and J-Hope, Suga sets off for military enlistment

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Credits: Instagram

On September 17, 2023, BIGHIT MUSIC made an official announcement regarding BTS member Suga’s mandatory military service enlistment date. For the unversed, the same is scheduled for September 22. This revelation sparked significant concern and curiosity among fans. In response, Min Yoongi decided to engage with his devoted supporters through a Weverse live broadcast, marking his return to the platform after nearly a month since his post-concert live video in August.

SUGA’s Reassurance to Fans

During the live broadcast, SUGA addressed his fans directly and sought to ease their worries. He reminded them of the promise they had made together, emphasizing that there was no need to shed tears. He reassured them by saying, “Everyone, there is no need to cry, you know we have promised to see each other in 2025, right?” Despite the upcoming two-year hiatus from active engagements, he left his fans with hope, reiterating their commitment to a future reunion in 2025.

SUGA’s Commitment to Future Content

In his characteristic soft and calming tone, SUGA bid farewell, acknowledging that he wouldn’t be able to create new content for a while. However, he assured fans that they could look forward to upcoming episodes of “Suchwita,” as he had already recorded many in advance. This commitment to providing content for his fans demonstrated his dedication even during his military service.

Supportive Messages from J-Hope and Jin

During the live session, SUGA received heartwarming messages from fellow BTS members J-Hope and Jin, further cementing their close-knit bond. J-Hope, who was watching the live broadcast, commented, “I’m watching the live show before I give my phone back.” He complimented Suga’s new haircut and offered words of encouragement.

Jin also chimed in, expressing his surprise at J-Hope’s sudden appearance and sending his heartfelt support to SUGA. Jin’s comment read, “Yoongi, You are so cool, cheer up, I am supporting you.” He revealed that he and J-Hope had been discussing Min Yoongi in their private messages, conveying their best wishes for a safe journey and reaffirming their unwavering support: “We are always rooting for you, cheer up, you can do this!”