After Ever Happy: Everything you need to know

After Ever Happy

‘Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same’, Wuthering Heights gave us this famous quote which was yet again reinstated by one of the most celebrated couples from the After franchise in the US history of romance films. A Wattpad sensation by Anna Todd, the story is everything we want and hate at the same time – it is a mix of vodka with a pinch of lemon in it.

This series is back with the fourth franchise, After Ever Happy and let us see what we know as of now.

After Ever Happy Release Date

After Ever Happy is all set to release on August 24, 2022. And this doesn’t come as a surprise since the movie franchise follows a peculiar pattern of scheduling the releases at the beginning of Spring, around September. 

After Ever Happy

Where to watch After Ever Happy?

While After We Fell officially premiered on Netflix and was also available on Prime Video, After Ever Happy is all set to release on Amazon Prime Video.

After Ever Happy Plot

While the exact storyline is available on Wattpad, the story will most probably take off from where it was left in After We Fell, where an already traumatized Hardin, finds out about his mother, and his world crumbles down while Tessa promises to stay by his side.

After Ever Happy

After Ever Happy Cast

Hero Fiennes Tiffin plays our rough, rogue and hopelessly romantic Hardin, who is a rogue turned good. If we remember well, he played the role of little Voldemort in the Harry Potter series.

Josephine Langford is our submissive yet ambitious Tessa who is the softest at heart and all vulnerable for Hardin. She is the sister of Katherine Langford, who played ‘Hannah Baker’ in the very famous Netflix Original- 13 Reasons Why.

Joining the cast would be Dylan Sprouse, Carter Jenkins, Stephen Moyer among many others.

After Ever Happy Trailer

After Ever Happy | Official Teaser | Prime Video

While no official trailer was dropped, a teaser was dropped on Christmas 2021, to tease us with the sizzling chemistry of the couple on screen along with telling us how Hardin and Tess, as she is fondly called, are going to face a storm in their world with greater challenges to deal with, alongside the already tectonic relationship they have.

A look into the world of After

Tessa comes to college only to leave her mother and boyfriend back home. Here she falls in love with the rogue, toxic, yet charming ‘Hardin’ who charms her at a house party with “I think you owe me a dare.” What starts out as attraction extends into a love affair only to escalate into personal problems of both of them alike along with the added long distance to be the villain. Without giving any spoilers, the theme of this movie is strong in terms of the love it portrays and thus has two different points of view.

With these inputs ready to set our world on fire, be prepared for a great ride as Tessa rightly says and we quote, “I feel as though I am ice and he is fire. We are so completely different, yet the same.”