Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 is not coming in July 2023

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 is not coming in July
Credit: The FOX Network

What is the potential release date for the next season? Here is everything we know so far about Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2. 

After an entire first season of endless drama where the dedicated team of investigators dives headfirst into a new wave of gripping cases that will leave you on the edge of your seat! We are certain that the fans are excited to see the new season after being familiar with the ups and downs of the characters, which has made them wonder, “What’s next for the Philadelphia Police Department’s Missing Person’s Unit?” As the fandom wants the show to live up to their building expectations! 

The interest has grown more than ever, especially after witnessing how the first season ended with a major cliffhanger that has been lingering over our minds for weeks, making the fans speculate if there’s any hope for the show’s return to the FOX network in July 2023 or not. If you have the same questions, then you’ve reached the right place to get all the answers! We have compiled a list of all the recent updates relating to the release date right here for you!

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Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 is not coming in July

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Release Date: Will it premiere in July 2023?

Ever since the series was renewed for a second season earlier this year for the 2023–24 season, no updates about the release date have been confirmed by the FOX network. As a result, there is no chance that the beloved police procedural crime drama television series created by John Eisendrath and Jamie Foxx will be returning with a new season in July 2023!

But if you’re wondering when the release date will be set, then we can assure the readers that right now, the series status is unknown, with one of the reasons being the emergence of the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike that has put a lot of writer’s room into a temporary halt unless a resolution regarding fair compensation for all the writer’s efforts is made in their favor.

This strike has gone on for weeks, and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon, for which we sadly speculate that Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 has also fallen into the web. Moreover, this isn’t the only hurdle the industry will be facing in the coming weeks!  

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 is not coming in July

According to recent reports, a possible actor’s strike is also heading the network’s way. As tense negotiations between the Hollywood actors’ union and the major studios, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) are still underway. The contract is now confirmed to expire on July 12 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. So, if any possible agreement isn’t made before the deadline, the chance of both writers and actors being held together will increase the chances of production being delayed for more weeks. 

Due to this, we are certain that the show creators will try their best not to release any new updates anytime soon.

Hence, there is no chance that the network will be able to release the second season for FOX’s fall primetime schedule or anywhere close to the end of this year because even if the filming concludes by the end of the summer season, it will take a lot of time to complete the entire shoot with respect to post-production, due to which the chance of it premiering in sometime around early to mid-2024 seems more likely to happen than this year.

Until there is any official confirmation, we suggest that the viewers be patient and follow all the social media platforms to be updated with the latest updates. Additionally, the official Twitter handle also confirmed the renewal news, quoting, “This is BIG! #AccusedOnFOX and #AlertOnFOX have both been renewed for Season 2.” Take a look at the official post as shared below:

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Plot: What to expect?

Not much has been revealed about the second season, but it is expected to follow the basic premise, which follows the Philadelphia Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit (MPU). As when police officer Nikki Batista’s son goes missing, she joins the special unit to help other people find their loved ones, even as she searches for her own. “Alert: Missing Persons Unit” is a procedural drama with a heart-pounding, life-or-death search for a missing person in each episode, running alongside Nikki and her ex-husband’s quest to find out the truth about their long-lost son. 

It’s a case-of-the-week show with a case-of-a-lifetime story running through it—a story that alternately brings the two main characters gut-wrenching heartache and heart-pounding joy. Moreover, the series is expected to continue the plot from the final episode, “Max,” which was directed by Adam Kane and written by Katie Varney. In the finale, which was viewed by 2.35 million US viewers, the plot unfolded and the mystery surrounding Keith’s disappearance started to unravel as he told Jason and Nikki more details about his time in captivity.

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 is not coming in July

When the series renewal was confirmed along with another series, “Accused.”

Michael Thorn, President, Scripted Programming at Fox, stated, “Accused and Alert stand out as two of this season’s new broadcast and multi-platform success stories. Looking to 2023–24, we’ll continue to deliver on the powerful storytelling coming from both series, building on our incredible partnership with Sony and further solidifying Fox’s strong slate of dramas, giving our schedule tremendous season-to-season stability.” 

Further adding, “Scott, Dania, John, and Jamie have done an incredible job launching Alert and bringing its story into heart-pounding focus, giving us an emotionally intense procedural drama that’s primed for even more success as Carla takes the day-to-day reins, continuing the great work we’ve seen this season.” So, it will be exciting to see what direction the show creators and writers will take for this freshman crime drama series. 

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Cast: Who will reprise their roles?

The main cast members from the first season are expected to reprise their roles which are as follows: 

  • Scott Caan as Jason Grant, Nikki’s ex-husband, works in the Missing Persons Unit with her to help people find their missing loved ones. He is formerly a private security contractor.
  • Dania Ramirez as Nikki Batista, the Captain of the Missing Persons Unit and Jason’s ex-wife.
  • Ryan Broussard as Mike Sherman
  • Adeola Role as MPU Detective Kemi Adebayo
  • Graham Verchere as Lucas Hadley/Keith

Moreover, the recurring cast members who are also expected to return are as follows:

  • Petey Gibson as C Hemingway, supervisor of the Missing Persons Unit’s forensic imaging unit
  • Fivel Stewart as Sidney Grant, Jason, and Nikki’s daughter
  • Elana Dunkelman as Rachel, medical examiner

The show will have a new showrunner for season two with Carla Kettner, who was an executive producer of The Blacklist, replacing John Eisendrath, who served as showrunner for season one. The show comes from Sony Pictures Television, an independent studio without its own network or streaming service, which means that they were able to be more flexible in terms of deal-making. They are co-produced with Fox Entertainment. The series is executive produced by Jamie Foxx and John Eisendrath, as well as Kettner. 

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Episodes: Where to stream?

The second season is expected to include at least 10 episodes with an average duration of 44–45 minutes, just like the first season, to be consistent with the plotlines. We would also like to highlight that the filming of the new season is speculated to be put on hold because of the ongoing writer’s strike, and the chances of the network releasing details about the new episodes are minimal in order to avoid spoilers. So, there is no way that the network will be able to release any new promotional material along with the official titles and synopsis for these new episodes.

When released, Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2, along with all the prior episodes, will be available to stream on the Fox Network and official website (after broadcast), Hulu Plus, and FuboTV, with a vast number of membership plans according to the preferences of the users. You can also stream Alert: Missing Persons Unit by renting or purchasing it from Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play. In order to receive updates on when the show premieres, interested viewers can also enable notifications on the streaming services.

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Official Trailer: Is it available?

As stated above, the network hasn’t released any new promos for the second season as filming hasn’t yet commenced, leaving a lot of time for the official marketing to begin, which usually begins a month or two before the premiere. We’ll just have to wait and see what the next few months have in store for us in relation to the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike, as everything concerning the filming status is also neither here nor there!

Due to this, we are certain that no new promos will be released anytime soon. In the meantime, check out the official trailer for Alert: Missing Persons Unit’s first season below:

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 1 Trailer

While you wait for more updates on Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2, catch up with the previous episodes, which are now available to stream on FOX.