‘All Creatures Great And Small’ Season 4 set to premiere in January 2024

‘All Creatures Great And Small’ Season 4 set to premiere in January 2024
Credit: Masterpiece | PBS

The new year seems to already be jam-packed with new seasons filled with love, friendship, family, and joy, making their way to surprise die-hard fans.

The acclaimed series based upon books written by Alf Wight under the pen name of James Herriot has captivated audiences worldwide, making it enough of a reason for loyal fans to tune into streaming new seasons to know what the creators have in store. So, if you are one of those who were eagerly awaiting news about the official release date of Season 4, then don’t worry.

We are here to fulfill your curiosity about the trio of Yorkshire’s veterinary surgeons. Here is everything we know so far about All Creatures Great and Small Season 4.

‘All Creatures Great And Small’ Season 4 set to premiere in January 2024

All Creatures Great And Small Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Get ready to embark on another heartwarming journey through the picturesque scenery of Grassington and the North Yorkshire town of Thirsk as ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ returns for its highly anticipated fourth season. 

It began airing on October 5, 2023, in the United Kingdom and is now confirmed with the scheduled release of Sunday, January 7, 2024, in the United States. The television series, set in Northern England, has been produced by Playground Entertainment for Channel 5 in the UK, along with Masterpiece, in association with All3Media International and PBS in the US.

The official X (formerly known as Twitter) handle of MASTERPIECE also confirmed the release date, quoting, “Your return to the breathtaking Yorkshire Dales is imminent: #AllCreaturesPBS returns to MASTERPIECE on January 7th! Watch the trailer to find out what’s ahead, and discover all the important details about the premiere now.” Take a look at the official post below: 

All Creatures Great And Small Season 4: What to expect?

The official synopsis of the season, as per the PBS website, reads as follows: 

“Season 4 opens around Easter of 1940 amidst the uncertainties of war. With James unsure whether or not he’ll be called up for the RAF, he and Helen are wondering when might be the right time to start a new family, and with Tristan serving in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, Siegfried is at loose ends…in more ways than one!

A new veterinary assistant, Richard Carmody, joins the household to provide much-needed help, and his acclimation goes, well, exactly how you’d imagine, and Siegfried hires an experienced bookkeeper, Miss Harbottle, to impose some method to the madness. It’s no wonder Helen and Mrs. Hall’s friendship deepens!” 

All characters are returning in the season, but there are a few changes as Tristan Farnon’s character was not expected to appear because he is said to have enlisted in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. One source added this information: “It was also announced that Woodhouse will be starring in the horror film One of Us, the timing of which conflicted with ACGAS.” Two new characters were added: student vet Richard Carmody (James Anthony-Rose) and bookkeeper Miss Harbottle (Neve McIntosh).

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 4: Official Preview

All Creatures Great And Small Season 4: Episodes and Streaming Options

The fourth series consists of 7 episodes, which includes a Christmas special that is scheduled to be released in December 2023. As stated, the season will begin premiering on every Sunday, January 7, 2024, at 9/8c, through February 18, 2024. The official episode titles and synopsis have also been published, which gives some more insight into the season’s plotlines as follows: 

Episode 1: Broodiness: It is Easter 1940, and without Tristan’s help while he’s away serving, Skeldale House is busier than ever. James and Helen dream about the future, hoping that James won’t be called up to serve. When Mrs. Hall takes a leap of faith, Siegfried offers his support. 

Episode 2: Carpe Diem: Siegfried has the bright idea of bringing in an experienced bookkeeper, Miss Harbottle, to bring method to their madness. James and Helen take inspiration from Siegfried’s ‘Carpe Diem’ approach and make a long-awaited decision. 

Episode 3: Right-Hand Man: Busy and exhausted, James and Helen can’t get any time together. James thinks he’s found a solution when he hires a new trainee vet, Richard Carmody, but things don’t quite work out as he expects. Mrs. Pumphrey also has a new canine member of her household who has an antisocial problem that needs to be addressed urgently. Mrs. Hall takes a big step forward in her relationship with Gerald.

Episode 4: By the Book: Following a visit to the Crabtree’s Farm, Carmody is challenged with learning how to be a vet outside of his books. The new farmers have a worrying illness amongst their herd, and James wants to help them in any way he can. Helen rallies the community to help the newcomers whilst she waits for some personal news. 

‘All Creatures Great And Small’ Season 4 set to premiere in January 2024

Episode 5: Papers: With the War feeling closer to home, James desperately wants things in order and Carmody trains up to support Siegfried. Carmody and Mrs. Pumphrey clash because he can’t see her dogs the way she does. A dinner with Gerald leaves Mrs. Hall with a dilemma but watching James and Helen brace for their future gives her a new perspective. 

Episode 6: The Home Front: When Richard Alderson needs some help, Helen returns to Heston Grange. Buried family secrets threaten to tear their relationship apart as Richard refuses to let her muck in on the farm. Gerald’s beloved dog, Rock, needs veterinary help, but he is too worried about the operation. Mrs. Hall pushes him to do the right thing.

The viewers can watch All Creatures Great and Small Season 4 on air on Masterpiece on PBS or stream full episodes online with the PBS app. Each episode will be available (in the U.S. only) for online streaming for 14 days, starting at 9 p.m. ET on the night of the national broadcast premiere. In addition to this, Seasons 1–3 are also available to watch with a PBS Passport. 

Take a look at the official trailer of All Creatures Great And Small Season 4 below as it showcases: “It’s the spring of 1940 and change is on the horizon for everyone in Skeldale House. James and Helen wonder when the right time might be to start a family, Tristan’s absence is felt by all, and Siegfried attempts to hold the growing household, and himself, together.”

All Creatures Great and Small: Season 4 Trailer