Here are all the TV shows set to return after writer’s strike

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After the 146 looming strikes through the Writer’s Guild Of America fighting for their rights over better wages and higher residual payments from giant streamers, the WGA had struck a deal with the AMPTP on 24 September, rendering a deal that favored the demands of the WGA all the way through.

Incessant chatters have buzzed up almost immediately after the deal was struck, with regular TV viewers inquiring about the shows that would be making their return immediately. However, another sharp roadblock is the continuing protests of the actor’s guild SAG AFTRA, which is still fighting for fair compensation and protection against artificial intelligence.

Vulture reports that the scripted weekly shows that are still facing the brunt like Grey’s Anatomy, Law and Order: SVU will take some time to scramble back to their feet due to the actors not being available to shoot the scenes for the new season releases. Daytime talk shows, late-night TV, and competition series have a stealthier stride when it comes to bouncing back to the screens soon.

The Drew Barrymore Show will return this month, although shrouded in controversy given the backlash its host faced while trying to bring back the series amidst the WGA strikes.

drew barrymores show

September 26 witnessed the arrival of Dancing With The Stars, which faced a similar backlash, but not as bad as The Drew Barrymore Show, as confirmed by Variety. On October 1, Last Week Tonight With John Olive returned to TV, with frantic fans tuning into the episode all over the world.

Late-Night Scripted Shows

Entering into the realm of the dusk-to-midnight shows, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight returned on October 1, while Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy launched their comebacks on October 2, which was followed by massive reception by fans. October 16 marks the return of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with a brand new roster of guest hosts after its shaky leadership after Trevor Noah’s unexpected departure. September 29th saw the return of Real Time With Bill Maher, another show that was condemned for trying to launch itself during the strike.

Day-Time Talk Shows

Along with the Drew Barrymore Show which will premiere for real this time on 16th October, Deadline reports the return of The Jennifer Hudson Show and The Talk by the 2nd week of October. Twinning with The Drew Barrymore Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show also returns on 16th October with the program moving from Los Angeles to 30 Rock in New York and requiring the construction of a new set, according to Vulture.

the jennifer hudson show
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Scripted Shows To Return

Depending on the fate of the SAG-AFTRA strikes and their current phase of development, new seasons of the scripted shows could return as early as 2024, Deadline reports. If the tentative release window of March 2024 was to be set for their release, filming would have to begin by Thanksgiving 2023, meaning the actor’s strike needs to come to a resolution by then.

Deadline reports via Vulture that the first week of October will mark the return to work for writers’ rooms for multiple shows, including Abbott Elementary, Grey’s Anatomy, Yellowjackets, The Sex Lives of College Girls, Family Guy, Young Sheldon, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Criminal Minds: Evolution, 9-1-1, Ghosts, NCIS, Fire Country, The Neighborhood and more. According to The Hollywood Reporter via Vulture, the majority of the Dick Wolf products such as Law and Order: SVU and the entire One Chicago franchise which includes PD, Med, and Fire, will be resuming work from the first week of October.

Updates for others are underway, so we urge you to keep a close watch on this space.