American Ninja Warrior Season 16: Is it renewed or canceled?


Remember famous shows like The Takeshis Castle and how we all used to wait and be thrilled to see if our favorite contestants reached the finale? How about the Fear Factor? Our adrenaline used to be on an all-time high, waiting to see who would complete the daring tasks and how. The States is known for its experimentation with the reality TV genre.

Apart from housing some of the best dating reality shows, cooking shows, and fashion-related entertainment, it also houses some of the best game-related shows. Today shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire have been adapted by many countries in their own versions, which acknowledges the credibility of such a show. American Ninja Warrior has been a show that has been coming out since 2009 and has completed fifteen seasons successfully. Fans are wondering if there is a season sixteen, and we are here to answer that. Here is all we know about American Ninja Warrior season 16 so far.

Will there be an American Ninja Warrior Season 16?

ANW S16 7

Yes. There are chances for the renewal of season 16, but as season fifteen has just completed the finale, and the casting procedure is elaborate, a renewal would come only when the makers have come up with a cast and theme that beats the previous ones as the bar is set high.

American Ninja Warrior Season 16 Expected Release Date:

ANW S16 5

The show can be expected to be released by the end of 2024 or early 2025, but not anytime before that. It is because,

  • The show has just completed the season 15
  • The casting procedure is tedious and time-consuming
  • The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have impacted the budgets and post-production process
  • NBC network has been canceling many shows lately, so owing to the success of this one, they might just add it to their later schedule post-strikes.

Who are the hosts of American Ninja Warrior?

ANW S16 3

Zuri Hall and Akbar Gbajabiamila are the co-hosts who have been hosting the show for years together as a pair. They will be helping ninjas advance to the semi-final and then the finale by boosting their morale and giving advice all along. They are more of mentors as well and not just hosts. They will participate in the athletic contest together and inspire contestants with their infectious energy and knowledge. Matt Isleman has been the host since season 2 and can be returning along with the duo.

Who is cast in American Ninja Warrior?

This show is all about women and men from various walks of life, so to be a part of the show,

  • One needs to apply and meet the set prerequisites, which depends on the season
  • The minimum age is 19 years, and there is no upper limit
  • Since Season 13, individuals with exceptional talent between the age of 15-18 are also selected
  • A video needs to be uploaded showcasing the abilities
  • A self-introduction film and provide responses to the 20 questions survey
  • The video should be 2-8 minutes long
  • 100 participants are selected for regional rounds
  • Only the top 15-20 are selected to showcase their skills and talent

American Ninja Warrior Season 15 winner:

Ninja Warrior Racing Showdown!

The winner for this season is Vance Walker, who was thrilled to receive 1 million dollars prize money. He says in an interview to USA Today, “I don’t even believe that I’ve won it yet because I dreamed of it for so long, I would close my eyes when I was running on the treadmill and just picture myself at the bottom of that rope climb. And it would be so real to me in those moments that I think when it actually happened it was so hard to believe.”

Where to watch American Ninja Warrior?

This NBC Network show can be streamed on their official site, Amazon Prime Video, CTV, Apple TV, and Peacock TV.