American airlines flight attendant found dead in hotel room with cloth in her mouth


Did you know the rate of crimes in the United States of America has increased by 6.02%, according to a census done in 2021?

It wasn’t long ago when people feared empty houses and or lone streets, but now it seems crime has no boundaries, and even the public spaces aren’t as safe as they used to be. Why, you ask? Because Philadelphia uncovers a chilling and unsettling case.

Diana Ramos, a 66-year-old woman who worked as a flight attendant with one of the most prominent airlines in the country was found dead under mysterious circumstances. The hotel room she lived in, became the crime scene where her body was found with a cloth in her mouth. Was it a sign of something more serious? A work of a gang? A homicide over personal revenge? We do not know for sure as police investigations are still underway.

The body was found with a cloth in the mouth, particularly a sock, confirms ABC News. The media outlet reports further, “Cleaning staffers discovered the unnamed 66-year-old victim late Monday evening at approximately 10:45 p.m. at the Philadelphia Airport Marriott directly adjacent to Philadelphia International Airport.”

Things got fishy when Diana was supposed to check out 48 hours earlier, says the staff. The initial statement of police suggests and we report via Fox News, “The Philadelphia Police Department has deemed the death ‘suspicious’ and homicide investigators are probing for answers. No weapons were found at the scene and no arrests have been made, police said. ” Even before Ramos was recognized, American Airlines issued a statement saying they were “devastated by the news,” says Fox News.

The airline added further in its official statement, “Our thoughts are with the family and colleagues, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure all affected have the support they need during this difficult time. We will continue to cooperate fully with local law enforcement in their investigation.”

As per Fox News, the crew gave their statements to the airline. “The crew is saying they were staying at a hotel located inside of the Philadelphia airport,” said the flight attendant, who wished to remain anonymous.

“They didn’t meet in the lobby for pickup as they normally would due to the hotel being located in the airport. No van shuttle is needed. Upon reaching their gate and realizing that one of the flight attendants wasn’t at the gate, the crew notified the gate agents they were missing a crew member and one of the crew members say that as far as they know, another crew member tried to call the hotel twice to get them to check on the missing crew member,” the flight attendant added.

Diana 3
Photo: Diana’s Facebook and Google Maps

The flight attendant also mentioned that Diana had to be the lead flight attendant for a flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, how did this happen? Other reports from Fox News suggest, “Authorities have not determined what caused Ramos’ death or whether anyone was involved. Her body was taken to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy, police said. The results are pending. ”

The incident took place at the Marriott chain of Hotels, founded 66 years ago in Maryland. They have been cooperating with the police and helping out to the maximum capacity.