Anatomy of a Scandal Season 2: Will we ever get to see another season?

Anatomy of a Scandal Season 2
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Wondering whether there will be Anatomy of a Scandal Season 2? Read on to find out its renewal status.

Have you also been a fan of all the web series that are dropping in the direction of showing strong topics such as female-centric issues that are plaguing society? Are you a fan of bold and fearless stories? Or are you a fan of watching privilege and power play at their peak of exploitation? Or are you a fan of true crime journalism at its best?

Though Netflix has been flooded with various series which serve all of this and that tend to have very serious plots, if you are on the lookout for something different and realistic, Anatomy of a Scandal makes for a must-watch.

If you have already binge-watched the series, one question that must be hounding you is where we will get to see Anatomy of a Scandal Season 2. And rightly so, the series was one of the most anticipated shows of 2022 and has received a marvelous response.

Here is everything we know so far about Anatomy of a Scandal Season 2.

Will there be Anatomy of Scandal Season 2?

Anatomy of a Scandal Season 2

Unfortunately, no. And the answer lies in the format of the show and how it’s been created. The show is a limited series, a new venture Netflix has been trying off lately, where it gives you shows with a limited number of episodes, and the story ends with them. This means even if there are loopholes, there’s not going to be another season, but mostly it’s conclusive, and the concept is pretty well-knit together. So you can hope to have closure, and therefore there is no need for another season.

So, this means we will, most probably, never get to see Anatomy of a Scandal Season 2.

Is Anatomy of a Scandal based on a true story?


We cannot say whether it is based on a true story or not, as it is a yes and a no. The show is based on a book written by Sarah Vaughan, and it is the experiences that she faced while covering various cases related to rape and sex rackets being busted in her field of crime reporting.

Now, this makes it interesting because whatever she has seen can be her subjective experiences, or they can really be part of a true incident, or it can be an entire real incident in itself. But there has been no deliberation or clarification telling us what the book beholds and how the script of the series pans out. So we cannot say with certainty whether this is a true story. 

Recap of the Anatomy of a Scandal

Anatomy of a Scandal | Official Trailer | Netflix

*Spoilers Ahead*

Anatomy of a Scandal has been beautifully crafted in terms of the direction, but we can say that at some point, it gets a little draggy and slightly boring. But the concept keeps us always glued to our TV screens. It shows us how a privileged man of honor, Mr. James Whitehouse gets into an affair with his employee Olivia. Despite being married with two children. This shows a story where James has everything in life – he has money, power, and contact with the Prime Minister, which makes him think he can get away with anything, and that adds to his classy and arrogant behavior.

But things go downhill when their illicit affair gets exposed. It is because they are found making love inside the lift, and it goes all out. While the reporters have multiple articles on it, Broadcast Journalism has been on fire, and there’s no end to the tabloids. James has washed his hands off the matter with the help of the contacts of his PM friend. But it is sad, isn’t it? When we see how Olivia, who’s purely lovestruck by James, is helpless and cannot do anything.

Anatomy of a Scandal Season 2

But things take a turn. When James has not responded to Olivia very well and he has ill-treated her, that’s when she files a court case. Something which was merely a journalistic piece of work now goes to court, and therefore it attracts a lot of media attention. People and journalists go to watch the courtroom trials, and the courtroom trials are very well portrayed through the powerful monologues and the way in which the facts are presented. Olivia states that she is accusing James of forcing himself on her without her consent a while after calling the relationship off.

While we see that it also throws light on how wives reacted to extramarital affairs, we believe that the decision the court takes and the direction in which the court proceedings follow how a woman is being viewed by the society, how a man of power is being viewed by the society and that is something which makes it an interesting and a must-watch for your weekend. While we will not give you any more spoilers to not spoil your fun of it.

Anatomy of a Scandal Season 2

Where to watch Anatomy of a Scandal?

The show is an official Netflix release, and all 6 episodes are available there. Each episode has a runtime of roughly 45 minutes to 50 minutes.

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