Andrew McMahon’s daughter performs ‘Cecilia and the Satellite’ on his latest tour

Andrew McMahon's daughter performs 'Cecilia and the Satellite' on his latest tour
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The father-daughter duo has won millions of hearts on the internet!

The talented singer-songwriter, best known for his heartfelt lyrics and captivating performances, has always been an inspiration to his fans. But now, it seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as his daughter, Cecilia, has taken center stage as one of his favorite people during his latest tour. In a truly heartwarming moment that has been shared by fans across social media, Andrew’s daughter mesmerized the audience with her rendition of ‘Cecilia and the Satellite,’ proving that musical talent runs deep in this extraordinary family. 

In the clip, the 41-year-old, performing as Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness, can be seen welcoming his 9-year-old daughter by asking her to join him as he sings his 2014 single, which is written by McMahon alongside James Flannigan and Anders Grahn, as a tribute to his daughter. It was released as the lead single from McMahon’s self-titled debut album, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. The track was a commercial success, particularly in the US, becoming a top-ten hit on multiple genre-specific charts and briefly charting on the all-format Billboard Hot 100.

One fan who attended the tour and got to see Cecilia’s performance of her namesake song live even shared a TikTok of the performance with a caption reading, “POV: You were there when Andrew McMahon brought Cecilia on stage as an infant, and now you’re watching her sing ‘Cecilia and the Satellite’ with him 8 years later.” McMahon even took to his Instagram Stories by thanking PEOPLE magazine, “This is so cool. Thanks, @people.” In addition to this, he also thanked his fans in a recent post, with a caption reading, “What an incredible tour this has been so far. Thank you for being here.”


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The comments on the post are filled with positive appreciation, with one user commenting, “Each tour is the best ever, but this was the best ever.” A second one wrote, “It was amazing last night in Detroit. It was cool to see fans our age bringing their kids. We are all growing old together.” A third one said, “So glad I was able to do all three shows this past weekend. This is my favorite tour I’ve seen you on, thank you so much.” A fourth one commented, “Still thinking about the incredible show in Boston! So much fun on a Wednesday night, and the setlist was a dream! Thank you 🩵 @amnthewilderness.”

While speaking with Audacy ahead of his performance at the Audacy Beach Festival last December, the singer opened up about touring with his daughter (born in 2014), whom he shares with his wife Kelly Hansch, over the years as the couple married back in December 2006. McMahon shared, “We raised her on a tour bus. Before she had to go to school, it was family and all of our stuff and the kid [on the road].”

“She loves music, she loves being on a stage. The first time that she came out and sang on stage, it was not a plan,” he laughed. “She just ran out and grabbed a microphone and did it. I think she’s enamored by this space … but it’s kind of what she grew up in. I think she’ll probably end up on a stage somewhere at the end of the day, is my guess.”

If you recall, McMahon was the vocalist, pianist, and primary lyricist for the band Something Corporate and the main songwriter for Jack’s Mannequin. He performs solo both under his name as well as his moniker, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, says Cecilia has a love for all his old projects.

“I have all my old vinyls in a box and I found the Leaving Through The Window vinyl, so I gave her that and there’s been these very adorable proud dad moments where I’ll walk by her room and she’s like dancing around in her room to the Leaving Through The Window record,” he told Audacy. Whereas, Cecilia doesn’t have favorites, but she does love “any song that might reference her in any way whatsoever.”

Lastly, for the curious fans, we would like to emphasize that the 2024 benefit will take place next year, starting November 9–13, 2024, on the inaugural Andrew McMahon’s Holiday from Real Cruise. It will feature all three of McMahon’s projects: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Jack’s Mannequin, and Something Corporate. Additional acts scheduled to join are The Academy Is…, MisterWives, Ruston Kelly, Jukebox the Ghost, Cartel, Augustana, Wildermiss, Hunter DeBlanc, Zac Clark, Bob Oxblood, and Bikelock.


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