Angie Harmon explains why she’s not a fan of mom jeans: ‘Hated ’em then, hate ’em now’

Angie Harmon
Credits: Angie Harmon/Instagram

In an exclusive interview with People, Angie Harmon made it clear that mom jeans aren’t her style; she’s more inclined towards the relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans. The 51-year-old star expressed her dislike, stating, “Hated ’em then. Hate ’em now!”

‘I’m a boyfriend jean all day long’

Despite her three daughters – Emery, 14, Avery, 18, and Finley, 20, encouraging her to embrace trendier attire, Harmon remains committed to her preference for a “classic style.” She emphasized, “I mean, I’m a boyfriend jean all day long — with a collared shirt. That’s my signature.”

Referring to her daughters as her “mini-me girls,” Angie Harmon playfully remarked, “I mean, they don’t wear clothes. I’m like, ‘That’s not a shirt, that’s a belt.’ I appreciated the ingenuity, but no, go put something on.” Harmon also expressed that she finds humor in the fact that contemporary teenage girls are adopting styles reminiscent of the ’80s, particularly the revival of mom jeans.

Angie Harmon finds it hard to adopt a feminine style

As a single mom in Charlotte, North Carolina, Harmon finds it challenging to adopt the more feminine styles popular in the area, as they don’t align with her practical lifestyle.

“They wear dresses during the day, and I’m just like, no, I can’t. It’s like a long, flowy situation, which I get, and I wish I could do it, but I put that on and I feel encumbered,” said the former Law & Order actress. “I don’t feel like I can get anything done.”

Harmon humorously added, “And P.S., those are also the women who don’t have to lift the 60-pound dog food bags, you know what I mean? So my lifestyle is more appreciative of a boyfriend jean or a skinny jean, or God forbid, a high-waisted barrel leg.”

Harmon seeks opinions on her fashion from her daughters

Harmon, who was previously a runway model, used to ask her kids for fashion consultations.

“I’ll go in and I’ll say, ‘Which shoe?’ or ‘The bottom half or the top half?’ My youngest will be like, ‘That’s not my favorite,’ which in a 14-year-old speech pattern means, ‘You’re not leaving the house like that.’ And I’ll be like, ‘Alright, well I appreciate your candidness and thank you very much.’ And then I’ll come back in and she’ll be like, ‘Okay, yeah, that’s cheap.’”

“The oldest one, she’s in college, so I’ll FaceTime her and be like, “Do you like this? And she’ll be like, “Not really.’ I’ll be like, “Oh, okay. Hang on a second, I’ll call you back.’ “