Anne Heche gets critically injured after reportedly crashing her car into Los Angeles house

Anne Heche
Credit: Instagram

It was revealed by TMZ on Friday that actress Anne Heche was rescued from a burning car and rushed to a hospital in an ambulance. She is said to have been critically injured in a car crash that happened in LA. According to ET’s report, the 53-year-old star’s car collided with a residence. However, the public information officer allegedly refused to identify the driver, the car, or the hospital where the driver got admitted.

Accident details

As revealed by the LAPD, the vehicle is said to have caught fire, and the driver had to be immediately transferred to a medical facility. Reports also state that it was the Los Angeles Fire Department that revealed the vehicle which got stuck and came to a halt in a two-storey house, thereby causing structural damage. Moreover, the said vehicle is said to have erupted in flames ahead of the fire department’s arrival. LAPD has further disclosed that a total number of 59 firefighters worked in the incident area for around 65 minutes to confine and extinguish the fire flames completely. Amid all of this, the firefighters are said to have rescued a woman from the burning vehicle.

The woman’s identity

As per a report published by TMZ and other witness sightings, the woman is said to have onboarded a blue-colored Mini Cooper before she crashed into the garage of one of the apartment complexes. The reports further reveal that although the residents of the said complex tried to help out the woman inside the car, she did not pay heed to their rescue efforts and instead tried to speed up and reverse rather than come out of the vehicle. Talking about Heche, she is said to have suffered severe burns and is currently getting treated at the hospital. However, her current state and the cause of the accident is still unclear at the moment.

Details on the actress

Apart from being an actress, Anne Heche is also a noted director. She has played popular roles like Marley Love and Vicky Hudson in the soap opera titled Another World. She has acted in multiple popular films like Psycho, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Rampart, Catfight, Cedar Rapids, etc. Apart from that, Heche has also featured in TV series like Hung, Men in Trees, Aftermath, The Legend of Korra, Save Me, etc.